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Best Tire Chains For Truck – When it snows in High Country, traction can be the difference between a ditch and make it to your destination. However, most car rental companies cannot guarantee consumers of a vehicle that can easily handle the worst mountain conditions, even though the companies rent cars to many people who plan to drive here. According to companies that make guarantees, other businesses make many drivers unprepared for the worst winter conditions in Colorado.

In many ways, the front of the 2018-19 ski season has been a blessing for Colorado. Resorts report more than 100 inches of snow falling since mid-October, tourists make local restaurants and businesses busy, and all traffic has become a good gift for the local economy.

Best Tire Chains For Truck

But snow isn’t all fun and play. With so many early winter blizzards, local and state road crews have worked hard to keep the road open, sometimes more successful than others.

One of the most famous routes in the Colorado Rocky Mountains is Interstate 70, which crosses Eagle County, which is ordered by the Eisenhower Tunnel to the east and the Vail Pass to the west.

The two high mountain crossings on the I-70 have witnessed a fair share of slow growling and going, weather-related collisions and closures so far this winter, and when snow falls in the mountains, the Colorado Transportation Department often imposes traction laws. Requirements.

For drivers, this means they must have snow tires, mud-snow tires, or four-wheeled vehicles or all-wheel drive. All tires must also have at least one per eight inches of footprint on them.

Wandering around with vehicles that are not equipped with rear-wheel drive and bald tires can mean endangering someone’s life, along with hefty fines.

That’s because drivers who are caught driving inadequate vehicles when the law of traction is enforced can be fined more than $ 130. However, if the driver blocks the road, the fine jumps to $ 650 or more.

Drivers outside the state were behind the wheel of most vehicles found to violate the state’s legal traction requirements, said Tracy Trulove, CDOT spokesman. More surprisingly, many of them seemed surprised when they lost traction and spun on snow-covered roads, he added.

“Wow, that continues to be a challenge for us,” Trulove said, keeping all drivers still speeding up with the laws of state traction.

At Denver International Airport, all season tires are standard throughout the fleet of rental car companies, but it seems that rental car companies are not much help in terms of ensuring drivers are well prepared for the worst winter conditions in Colorado.

With the exception of Hertz, each company representative said that while most of their SUVs and pickup trucks are equipped with all-wheel or four-wheel drive – up to 90 percent of them in some cases – rental car companies cannot guarantee one with it. Even with Hertz, one must know which package to choose to ensure a four-wheel drive.

In addition, rental car companies will not allow snow chains on their vehicles. One company representative said this rule stems from the fear that chains can damage rentals and the fact that many people do not know how to properly complete the chain.

Not all rental companies agree on the issue of snow tires. At Breckenridge Rental Car, owner Peter Griff called the snow tire a “no-brainer” when he said that each SUV in its fleet was equipped with all-wheel drive and snow tires.

“We are in a different market here,” he said of the highland environment. “Everything we do is based on driving conditions in winter, so when we rent out these cars, we will make sure we give people the best chance to return them to us intact.”

How exactly do they do that? They give them good tires and give them all the wheels, Griff said.

In fact, Griff owns an SUV with a four-wheeled vehicle that sits in his parking lot on Monday because one of his customers cannot get it on the way to a short-term rental that has been ordered by a customer in Breckenridge.

With heavy snow falling and the telephone ringing, Griff said on Monday that there was good reason for him to build his rental car company to have sufficient appeal – especially snow tires.

“Ban is the difference between a car that can go somewhere and a car that can’t,” he said.

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