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Moving Truck Rental Lexington Ky – A veterinarian and the company he worked for were charged with allegedly removing more than 60,000 cattle across national borders without proper animal checks. A federal jury accused Eugene Barber & Sons, Inc., also known as Barber & Sons, of Lexington, Kentucky, with one charge of conspiracy, one accusation of transferring cattle that violated federal law, and one accusation of aiding and abetting a false statement.

Included in the indictment are veterinarian John M. Moran, 64, from Flemingsburg, Kentucky, with one charge of conspiracy, one charge of aiding and conspiring to move cattle that violated federal law, and one charge of making a false statement.

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Barber & Sons and Moran are suspected of conspiring to violate the Animal Health Protection Act, a regulation that aims to protect the health and well-being of the people by preventing, detecting and eradicating the spread of diseases in animals sent within the United States. Under federal law before cross-state shipments, cattle must be examined by a veterinarian. The health certificate is then issued by a veterinarian who proves the inspection with the appropriate state authority.

The indictment alleges that Moran was wrongly certified to inspect livestock for Barber & Sons. Moran has actually signed a veterinary inspection certificate between countries without checking livestock.

Allegedly from January 28, 2013 to September 25, 2015, Moran certified at least 600 fake interstate animal inspection certificates for the delivery of more than 60,000 cattle. Instead, he was paid more than $ 19,000 by Barber & Sons.

This indictment was released by the Justice Department on September 6. Robert M. Duncan Jr., United States Attorney for Eastern District of Kentucky; Karen Citizen-Wilcox, Responsible Special Agent, United States Department of Agriculture Department of Inspector General; William Swartz, Area Director, United States Animal Plant Health Inspection Department; and Mark McCormack, the Responsible Special Agent, FDA Criminal Investigation Office, made the announcement.

The Department of Justice indicated that the allegations were current charges and the defendants were “considered innocent until proven guilty without hesitation in court.”

According to Lexington Herald Leader, president, vice president and secretaries of Barber & Sons, Gene Barber, Larry Barber and Austin Paul. The secretary of the Kentucky state office lists all of them as members of the Blue Grass Stockyards, LLC. However, the charges do not include stockstock.

Blue Grass Stockyards chief operating officer Jim Ackers told Lexington Herald Leader that he knew very little about the case “because it did not involve cattle storage.”

Barber & Sons and Moran are scheduled to appear in court on September 21 at 10:30 am in Lexington, according to federal prosecutors. This case is being investigated by the USDA and FDA.

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