Elmo Fire Truck, Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Truck – One Of This Year’s Hot Christmas Toys

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Elmo Fire Truck – One of the hot Christmas toys this year is Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Monster Truck. A Toys R Us exclusive, this RC truck is one of the biggest and heaviest trucks in its class. It was made to be handled rudely, strong, fast, and could handle almost all the terrain that was thrown at him. This is a four-wheel drive, has a large tread measuring 9 inches and has a two-foot body. This green engine is very large, measuring 28.6 “x19.4” x18,2, “and has a full roll bar for a more realistic attitude. There is a lighted exhaust pipe, and sound for more authenticity. This truck is a heavy duty, and heavy, it weighs about twenty pounds.

Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Monster Truck, one of the toys for 2010, took a rechargeable battery pack. Because of its large size, it’s a good idea to buy at least one additional package, two if you can. This will allow your child to enjoy the time to have fun on the sidelines of charging. The truck will be purchased if you want your child to have speed, technology and quality on an RC truck. This will definitely be one of the hot Christmas toys, and for more than one reason.

Elmo Fire Truck

Another reason to buy Fast Lane RC Truck is security and ease of use. The dough package is tightly closed, and easily installed. RC controllers have controls that are easy to handle and operate for greater maneuverability. The antenna is shorter, so there are no worries about accidental injuries. If you are worried about its roughness, or its performance, don’t because the truck is also equipped with a full fifteen-month protection plan.

While Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Monster Truck is priced at $ 135, you should buy this as soon as possible, because this will be one of the hot Christmas toys, according to Tickle Me Elmo, and Teddy Ruskin. This means that if you don’t buy early, you might lose the opportunity because inventory might be fast, even in this economy.

While the price and Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Monster Truck seems rather high, the quality of this popular Christmas toy is worth the price. This will give your child hours of fun, no matter what kind of terrain they attack. It is rough, durable, and built to last. Make sure you have purchased additional battery packs, charged the battery in advance, and may have done a few self-driving tests beforehand.

Fast Monster Wild Fire-Monster Truck is not the only RC vehicle released by this company. They also carry Fast Lane Shelby Mustang, BMW, Land Rover, Desert Runner, and Crazy Shaker Truck. They even made an electric Ride On toy, Mud Warrior. This company makes a variety of different quality toys, ranging from a full set of RC vehicles. You can also buy a Battery package and an extra-fast Fast Lane 6V NiCad charging system.

So, if you want to avoid rushing to buy one of the hottest Christmas toys around this year, don’t delay. You can find Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Monster Truck, as well as many other Fast Lane toys from Toys R Us and also Amazon.

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