1 64 Fire Trucks, How Well Do You Know Your Fire Trucks?

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1 64 Fire Trucks – You called 911 to report a fire. Do you know what kind of fire engine is coming? Using the following guidelines, you might be able to identify trucks and what they do! FIRE ENGINE – Usually in the first place. It carries hoses, water, ground stairs and of course firefighters. When he arrived, the officer gave an order to the other fire truck that arrived.

TRUCK / SNORKEL FIRE – This has a bucket attached to the end of the stairs that rises in the air to attack the fire from above. The water is obtained directly from the engine or fire hydrant through the hose. It carries stairs, fans, saws, lights and fire engines. When he arrives at the scene, he must be ready to install his bucket or help find the occupants of the building.

1 64 Fire Trucks

FIRE ENGINE – Usually comes next to or after the first machine. It also carries water, hoses and stairs. Its duties could include installing large diameter hoses from hydrants to the first engine. The first machine is now an oil well. Firefighters will also take a hose into the building to help extinguish the fire.

TRUCK TRUCK / AERIAL – These trucks have stairs that go up in the air to help extinguish fires from above, move occupants, or bring firefighters to the roof. Just like Snorkel, he can also bring water to the fire.

RESCUE SQUAD – These are trucks that generally carry first aid items, extra air bottles and lights. This truck can be used to treat people with fire-related injuries.

FIRE VEHICLE – This carries a fire head.

Other types of fire trucks that can arrive include:

TELESQUIRT – This is like a ladder truck with a hose at the end of the stairs that can spray water into the building.

QUINT – This is a five-tool truck. It has an air ladder device, carrying ground ladders, hoses, pumps and water tanks. The firefighters assigned to this unit have training on stairs and machine work.

Hazmat unit – This is a rig that contains equipment used to clean up hazardous material spills. Now if your fire is in that country, most of the same fire trucks will come. They will arrive at a different time, because volunteer firefighters must go to the station to get the rig. But you might see a number of different ones.

MINI PUMPER FIRE TRUCK – Is a smaller version of a full size fire truck. This carries all the same equipment with a large size machine. This truck is flexible enough to get out in the fields if needed.

TANKERS – This fire truck carries a storage tank and between 500 and 3000 gallons of water. When this truck empties the water tank, it goes to the concept site to get more water.

Now that you know most types of Fire Trucks used in structural fires, you are open to impressing your friends!

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