Trucks For Sale In Utah, Freightliner Trucks and How it All Began

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Trucks For Sale In Utah – Freightliner trucks have been operating since 1942. During American industrialization, there was a great need for heavy duty vehicles to become laborers from various construction projects that took place during this period. Despite being a subsidiary of German company Daimler, the Freightliner brand experienced the highest selling sales in North America. Freightliner owns the best-selling 8th grade trucks in the United States, beating all other heavy vehicle manufacturers with annual revenues of more than thirty-two billion dollars.

Originally based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Freightliner Trucks was created by the Consolidated Freightways company. The idea behind Freightways expansion to the heavy-duty truck market emerged when workers could not cross the rough terrain of the western United States with their current heavy vehicles.

Trucks For Sale In Utah

Large trucks struggle to climb various mountains and workers cannot transport the necessary material to the main areas for road construction and other industrial projects. Freightliner immediately became a classic name in heavy equipment, and was very helpful in shaping the United States as we know it today. When World War II began, Freightliner had to stop production because the military demanded all available resources in the country. When production began again after the war, the company had to move to Portland, Oregon.

This is a necessary step, because Freightliner has become the main product produced by Consolidated Freightways, and they want trucks to be produced at their main headquarters in Oregon. Unfortunately, the 1980s brought many difficult changes to the heavy truck industry. Freightliner trucks are now unregulated and result in increased competition in this industry. For this reason the Freightliner brand was sold to Daimler-Benz in 1981. Daimler realized that the brand needed to adapt to a changing market, and thus create a new line of vehicles. Daimler will continue to produce heavy duty vehicles for the construction industry, but decided to produce more economic vehicles for the transportation industry as well.

This new “medium duty truck” is instant success. They still have enough power to carry large loads, but increase the economy because of their smaller size. This means that the truck is cheaper to maintain than heavy duty lines, but can still carry almost as much. Because of this decision, Freightliner claimed the title of the best-selling commercial truck in the United States. Daimler-Benz’s adaptation and competence will continue to fuel the Freightliner brand in the future, with no visible limits.

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