Ride On Fire Truck With Working Hose, Becoming a Zen Master on the Fire Truck

Ride On Fire Truck With Working Hose,Ride On Fire Truck With Hose,Ride On Fire Engine With Hose


Ride On Fire Truck With Working Hose – The wind hit my face, when I sat in a toolbox cabin with a capacity of 40,000 pounds, red and white, with a 500 gallon water tank in the middle, and the sirens roared. Time seems slow, because anticipation of the unknown brings me to the brink now.

To be sure, one of the best things about driving a busy fire truck is that, with my arms stretched and open, I fully accept and accept the fact that I leave my day in the hands of the Universe.
And I mean, I move all day expecting the unexpected.

Ride On Fire Truck With Working Hose

How funny is that …

Because sometimes when I’m not on duty, at home, in maternal fashion, if I’m not careful, I default to the Standard Operating Procedure Mom-and I become a Planner. Yes, the feared planner.

Oh yes, he can plan.

He planned his shopping list. He planned the day. He planned children’s activities. He planned a family vacation. He planned his dog’s day. And if something doesn’t go according to plan-ha! Watch out.

– Unknown Embrace –

However, when I returned to the fire truck, my mindset became calm and philosophical. I move through my twenty-four hour shift, believing that the unexpected will appear.

For example, we might have a direct fire schedule scheduled on the training ground, class to keep our certification up to date, or business safety inspections to be completed.

One day that starts with good intentions might end up like three cars piled up, strokes, possible heart attacks, sheared fire hydrants, attacks, cars into structures, CPR and defibrillation, sending joint aid to wild fires that spread rapidly, making it returned to the station at 2200 hours, and then responded to five more emergencies at night.

On a fire truck, do we flinch, or even glare, when Unexpected raises his naughty head and throws one or two arches at us? Not in your life. The Unexpected is welcomed and even welcomed as a natural part of our day.

I remember when a friend from my youth would be frustrated and upset. “But I just didn’t expect that!” he will complain.

What can we really hope for?

I tried to take what I learned in a fire truck into my own life. We always dance with the unknown, I remind myself. Of course we can plan, plan, and even plan. We never really knew what would happen. Actually, we are one step ahead of the game if we really expect the unexpected, I have learned.

It is even possible that we have given an unknown rap. The unknown doesn’t need to be inherently bad. Do we remember that while we may not always be able to control external circumstances, that is the way we choose to deal with unknown things that make a difference? Do we take it calmly? Do we believe that we can solve it? Do we even believe that at some level everything will be okay?

– Life in the Present –

When firefighters deal with various emergency challenges – caring for children whose legs are caught between iron fences, pulling hoses in the direction of orange light, or helping elderly people who break their hips after a fallen fire department becomes Zen master, is fully focused on Now.

I often think that the constant opportunity to live in the present is one of the reasons why we who serve this career, like it very much as we do.
When I really focus on my task, my mind cannot wander. Like athletes, artists, or musicians who are really focused at that moment, being in pure creativity is now thrilling and refreshing. This is where real life is.

However, when we let our minds distract us, we have immediately released ourselves from this moment. When we let our minds unofficially keep us away from the place in power today, we have entered a virtual time machine, because our thoughts are thoughts about the future or the past.

Our thoughts can become compulsive if we are unconscious. From now on, we may be locked up by our minds. We may identify ourselves with our minds. When we are preoccupied with our thoughts, do we judge, rebuke, plan, regret, hope, wallow, wonder, analyze? When we let our minds run rampant, we are often not in a place of joy.

What if we live most of our moments, fully focused on the present? Even when we wash dishes or wash cars, what if we focus fully on what’s in front of us? I am often amazed at how even seemingly ordinary tasks get excited when I am fully present. When we focus on this moment, we might find that attending is very satisfying.

Like fire crews at emergency locations, let’s embrace things that are unknown and focused at the moment. Here, in today’s clarity, where we are willing to greet the unknown, let go of our minds and become one with this moment, we will enter the world of fulfillment and joy.

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