New Ford Trucks 2015, 2015 Ford F150 – New Direction for Trucks?

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New Ford Trucks 2015 – For years the Ford F150 has enjoyed the best dog status among all full-size trucks, easily beating all its competitors with a fair margin. It seems that any new redesign or changes made by Ford to be a beloved best seller, received with open arms and most importantly, with an open checkbook. Why mess up a good thing right?

Apparently Ford didn’t see it that way because for 2015 Ford would make a rather radical move with F150. Ford has decided to swap steel with aluminum, at least as far as the truck’s body goes. The aluminum to be used is military grade and will produce a weight savings of 700 pounds, which will definitely be very helpful in increasing F150 mpg.

New Ford Trucks 2015

The first thing many core truck buyers will ask is, “so, is that as strong as metal?” Ford knows this so they will try hard to convince the public about it. Much of the initial marketing done by Ford was to show people how difficult the aluminum body is and how much abuse can last. Even in most Ford ads you will see the power of aluminum more than you hear about heavy savings.

What also has to be a big help in the MPG department, is the new 2.7 Ecoboost engine that Ford will release for F150. This new 2.7 will praise the new start / stop technology. As long as the truck is not pulled or in 4×4, the engine will turn off at the stop lamp and as soon as the brake pedal is released, it is quickly turned on again. The new motorbike will not be the only engine available, but we believe it will be the most talked about and the most curious person. The output power is said to be 325 hp and torque of 375 ft lbs. That is enough for most people.

No doubt the new lightweight body and new motorbike will allow new F150 owners to see the mpg numbers they might have never seen on a pickup truck they have ever had, but what remains to be seen is that Ford can convince truck buyers that this is just F150 still , “Built Ford Tough”?

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