Fire Truck Painting, Antique Fire Truck Pedal Car Is a Blast for Kids

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Fire Truck Painting – The Car Fire Truck Pedal was a big hit in the 1950s and has continued to live throughout the year. Customers are very happy to be back. These retro = style pedal cars rise to remembered popularity. Customers say that the fire engine is voluntary like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Children of all ages ranging from toy collectors, to boys and girls who want to drive like their parents will be happy to be brave firefighters in this classic steel steering pedal fire engine. This unique and antique pedal truck has beautiful details, pedal cars increase your child’s imagination and get easier.

Fire Truck Painting

This ancient volunteer truck is made of solid steel with strong and sturdy gauges, guaranteeing quality use for years. The exact replica of an antique pedal car fire truck from the 1940s

Enthusiastic details with fire red powder coat, lead-free paint, finished dynamically with nostalgic graphics for a display that is too real. It has a weight capacity of 70 pounds and dimensions of 42x18x25. The right size!

Accented with chrome features, it is a strange yet functional memorabilia. The four wheel hubs on the wheels are sturdy durable rubber ball bearings and chrome steering wheels along with a ladder rack and functioning bell.

Built with adjustable three position pedals, ideal for all children who grow and grow. It’s easy to change the position of the pedal when your child grows is a very popular feature, especially if you have more than one child.

The # 2 voluntary fire truck looks very similar to the original. The working hose made of rubber floats on the wheel, like the real one. Imagination goes wild with the original oak ladder, which is swept on the side of the pedal car.

It is clear why this reaches the highest wish list everywhere for small children aged 3-6 years. Not only do they provide heritage toys, they also provide healthy and active games, they also help with motor skills and most importantly they create memorable happy memories.

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