Bucket Trucks For Sale By Owner, This Boss-Inspired 1966 Ford F-100 Pickup Will Blow You Away

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BUCKET TRUCKS FOR SALE BY OWNER – Image via jingletruck.com

Bucket Trucks For Sale By Owner – Swag Custom Rides has changed direction over the past few years, building a top-level radical vehicle from their extensive store in New Britain, Connecticut. During that time they have carried out the entire classic car upgrade; from multi-denominational muscle riding to classy trucks, while gathering applause and appreciation for their innovative fabrication and out-of-the-box manufacturing techniques.

That in and of itself is a big achievement for every major custom car company, but Swag has done it very differently from other restaurant shops. Swag is the first and only non-profit automotive restoration company in the country. By hiring young men who have had severe problems changing lives in the past and placing them through challenging training in the field of car recovery, Swags not only returned the cars to the highest standards, but they also helped “restore” lives that had been lost. and suffer through difficulties along their personal path.

Bucket Trucks For Sale By Owner

So, to further increase their presence and to help people in need, Swag decided to build a hot pickup that would be auctioned for charity. After collaborating with the Special Olympics Foundation and Barrett-Jackson, the team in Swag designed a wild building that would certainly increase enthusiasm. What better marriage to Hot Rod Trucks than the most famous Ford F-100 pickups and Blue Oval ever built: Ford Mustang!

So the design team came up with a plan that would take some of the best aspects of one of the most popular Ponycar models, the Boss Mustang, and combine them into the F-100 hard-working pickup style. The main focus of Swag is to design a truck that can be offered by Ford dealers during the muscle car era. On paper, the design looks perfect. Now it’s up to the Swag to see this over-building produce results.

Boss builds
After finding and getting a good builder from 1966 F-100, the truck was taken to the shop to be dismantled. After being brought to its shell, bodywork was started on Ford in need. Rust removal is the first, but fortunately the truck’s skin is in good condition at first. The swag is fixed to make modifications to the body and structure, shave the handle and ensure the gap is better than what the factory has ever done. There is no filler used in this building.

There are special touches throughout. The front fascia takes hours to do it right. The nose, bezel, and grille are all specially made, playing the style of the 1970 Mustang. This is a deep engineering that the crew in Swag pulled onto the tee. The lower mosquito net came from the 1969 Stang which was modified to fit the truck. A special roll pan is then built in the back, complete with marker lights and exhaust cutouts. Finally, the Mustang taillights are integrated behind the rear body to give the appearance of a complete pony.

After spending nearly 1,000 hours on the body, it’s now ready to be painted. It is polished in a custom Swag red metal using PPG products, mixed at home by their paint technician. Widely extended lines are carried out in dark gray metal to compensate for the vibrant body color.

The Roadster Shop offers a special laser cut chassis that is only filled with the best suspension components. RideTech’s airborne suspension handles these tasks, helping to get the exact position of the horse where the Swag wants it. The adjustable QA1 dual shock is used on the side to get the suspension rotated. The power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering system helps drive this in the right direction. To stop power, the Hydo-boost power brake booster suppresses Wilwood disc brakes, which are installed at all four corners.

To ride a motorbike on the journey of this amazing restomod, the members in Swag knew exactly what they wanted from the start. Ford Racing offers a Ford Performance Parts 5.0L Coyote engine equipped with a Roush supercharger at the top. With a little massage, this combo is good for 750 hp on the rear wheels. Custom CNC swags all parentheses so that everything works. Sean Hyland Motorsports supplies power steering pumps and alternators.

The 4L60E transmission with a simple shift makes this trip through the gear and then feeds the sturdy back of the 9-inch Ford filled with 3.73 teeth at the rear. A painless cord kit is installed to tie all truck systems. Another cool custom touch is the shaker spoon, which once again gives a shout to the Mustang performance of the muscle car era.

A lot of hard work got into the cockpit of this cruiser, and it was influenced by the original Boss Mustang. It starts with a disposable interior, featuring a special leather-coated bucket in front with a matching console and a cover leather headliner made with a subwoofer cover. Power windows offer modern conveniences, along with the Restomod air climate system, which is controlled by the iPad application. The Flaming River steering column and the Dakota Digital Mustang gauge cluster (with special logos) complete the list of interior builds.

Behind, the wooden bubinga bed adds a touch of natural class to this wild truck. To add extra bling, the Thrust Torq 20×9 wheel is added to the angle. They use Pirelli P Zero rubber to compensate for the large wheel style, restomod style.

The iPad installed not only controls the climate, but the RideTech airborne suspension and audio system are also regulated via the device. For modern talent, the Dakota Digital LED lights in the front and rear help this trip see even on the darkest days.

The truck was carried out in an extraordinary four-month period before the big night in Barrett-Jackson where he was auctioned. Before that happened, members of the Ford Racing team, Joey Logano, signed the dash of the truck for a striking extra touch. All proceeds from building and selling go to the Special Olympic Foundation. The F-100 boss was hammered and belonged to the new owners John and Rickie Dilemme.

John Muratori, CEO of Swag, found an enlightening experience, to say the least. “This is the story of a building team that trains recovered addicts and young people, along with the direct experience of Special Olympic athletes who work with us, which creates an unforgettable experience.” This Boss F-100 is a truly unique building and will continue to amaze the crowd for years to come.

1966 Ford F-100
Builder: Swag Custom Rides
Engine: Small Ford Racing Coyote Block 5.0 Roush Ford Racing Supercharger
Displacement: 302 inches
Bore: 3.63 inches
Stroke: 3.65 inches
Compression Ratio: 11: 1
Cylinder Head: Aluminum head, 37.3mm / 13mm intake, 31.8mm / 13mm exhaust
Rotating Assembly: Forged steel rod, forged steel crankshaft, aluminum hypereutectic piston
Valvetrain: DOHC 4V, twin independent timing camshaft
Ignition: Ford 5.0 ECM power package
Muffler: Made specifically by Swag, polished 3 inch stainless steel, muffler Black Widow Race Venom
Output: 800 hp
Engine Works / Assembly: Ford Racing
Tuner: Swag Custom Rides

Transmission: FR70W four-speed automatic with simple shift
Rear Axle: 9-inch Ford with 3:73
Chassis: SPECster Roadster Shop
Front Suspension: RideTech air bag, adjustable shock QA1
Rear Suspension: RideTech airbags, QA1 adjustable shocks, RideTech Air Pod control system
Brakes: Wilwood front four piston piston calipers and four piston rear disc brakes, ultralight and two-piece rotor with Hydro-boost system
Wheels: American Race Torq Thrust II
Rim: 20×12 rear, 20×9 front
Tires: Nitto Invo, 245/30 ZR 20 front, 345/25 ZR 20 rear

Upholstery: custom center console; rear panel, pillar, and headliner by Walt Carroll
Material: Burned Copper Leather
Seat: The original Jaguar bucket seat is specially made to fit the interior of the F-100
Shifter: Lokar Dash: Made specifically by Swag with Billet ventilation, controls iPad with Bluetooth
Instrumentation: Dakota Digital from 1964 Falcon / Mustang with Dream Ride’s custom logo
Stereo System: Control and iPad console by High Fidelity Auto Sport
Truck Beds: Made specifically by Swag using wood bubinga from Shepard Brook Carpentry
Air Conditioning: Restomod Air
Glass: Stock
Harness: Flavorless Performance Products utilize cable harness
Lights: LED Dakota Digital
Votes: Autosport High Fidelity uses Audison
Paint: Swag Custom Crimson Candy Red PPG DBC

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