5Th Wheel Pickup Trucks For Sale, Ford Ranger vs F-150: Which Truck is Right for You?

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5Th Wheel Pickup Trucks For Sale – Good to be king. Ford F-Series trucks are the most popular vehicles in America. Despite better competition than before, the Blue Oval pickup was on track to break the sales record set in 2004.

While the F-150 and a myriad of trims take care of customers looking for full-sized pickups, it’s been a minute since Ford can offer buyers in the market for smaller trucks. After watching the Toyota Tacoma harvest healthy sales – and profits – from the Tacoma mid-sizer, clothes at the Glass House regained the game with the 2019 Ranger.

5Th Wheel Pickup Trucks For Sale

Which of the Ford pickup trucks best suits your needs? We will guide you through their differences in an effort to help you find out.

Cabin Room
F-150: There is little doubt that for those who have high interior space on their priority list, the larger F-150 will be more suitable for their needs than the Ranger. Available in a trio of taxi configurations (Regular, SuperCab, and SuperCrew) the F-150 has oodles of stretch space. The family must pay attention to the SuperCrew and its four front-facing doors, as rivals of its hind legs found on the Starship Enterprise bridge.

Ranger: Unlike some of its rivals, the new Ranger has a bench that can be left behind, although legroom in the SuperCab model will be a premium for anyone who is not a relative of Dobby House Elf. The front seat space must be more than enough for most humans, even though the elbow space is less than the F-150, which is much wider.

Bottom line: If you need space for a growing family, or don’t like to touch your elbows with anyone sitting next to you in a passenger seat, pay attention to the F-150.

Cargo Capacity
F-150: The bigger brother in this comparison seems to stand on the head and shoulders above the stablemate, so you think it will automatically give W to cargo capacity, right? Not necessarily. The F-150 pickup with a short box measuring only 5.5 feet in length only had 52.8 cubic feet of capacity in his bed, only hair that was more than a Ranger’s long box. Selecting a 6.5-foot box adds a storage capacity of 10 solid cubes.

Ranger: This intermediate tool is available in short or standard bed sizes, each offering 43.3 and 51.8 cu.ft of cargo space. All Rangers apart from the cab configuration are of the same length, with SuperCrew’s extra interior space that appears at the expense of the length of the bed.

Bottom line: As we know with buffet food and episodes of Scandal, bigger is not always better. Take the meter while shopping for these trucks to make sure it fits your expectations … and your parking lot.

F-150: The F-150 customer is spoiled for choice, with six different engines and the two transmissions listed on the option sheet – all offering exceptional power levels. Even an entry-level factory is a cracker, pumping 290 horsepower. The trio turbocharged unit offers between 325 and 450 horses, while the suctioned V8 naturally serves 395 horses. Oh yes, there is also a good diesel for 440lb-ft of torque at only 1,750 rpm.

Ranger: In a situation opposite the poles compared to the F-150, the Ranger has only one engine. It comes in the form of 2.3L inline-four EcoBoost, said to make 270 horsepower and 310 units of twist. It is mated with a 10-speed automatic. Like the full sizer, 4×4 is an option.

Bottom line: If it’s the pure power you’re looking for, look no further than the F-150, especially those equipped with the exceptional 3.5L High Output EcoBoost engine, but know that it’s only available in the Limited trim and Raptor bucks-deluxe. Those who plan to transport must seriously consider the 3.5L EcoBoost standard, while others will be well served by the sharp 2.7 turbo V6.

F-150: Speaking of transportation, the F-150 will tow 13,200 lbs when properly equipped. Most configurations can handle at least 8,000-lb trailers. The F-150 truck was also approved to transport the fifth wheel camper, even though the ratings for this type of unit were lower than conventional tag-along. The charge, dark art that includes human passengers as heavy loads, exceeds 3000 pounds but only in very specific models and trims.

Ranger: Recently rated at a maximum of 7500 lbs depending on equipment, the Ranger hit above its heavyweight. That number is far above what the four-cylinder Toyota Tacoma is capable of transporting and even surpassing the capabilities of the truck with a V6 engine.

Bottom Line: Brute force wins this match, with a maximum tow rating of F-150 almost double that of a Ranger. However, most people will rarely attract anything that is heavier than 7500lbs, considering the average weight of today’s camping trailers checks around 6000lbs. It is important to buy a rig that is capable of handling your plans for summer fun but does not need to register to get more trucks than you need.

Fuel Economy
F-150: The popular 2.7L EcoBoost V6 engine is rated at 22 mpg on a combined cycle in a 4×2 pickup. V8-powered truck owners can expect a high teenage economy, while a 3.55-hp 3.5L motorbike must return fuel mileage in a 20 mpg ballpark

Ranger: EPA — estimates the fuel economy rating for the two-wheeler version of the Ranger is 21 mpg impressive in the city, 26 on the highway and 23 combined for the two-wheel drive truck. Four-wheel drive Rangers are rated at 20 mpg city, 24 highway and 22 mpg combined.

Bottom Line: Lightness and four-cylinder engines conspire to provide Ranger owners with a better overall agreement on fuel economy, especially on the highway. However, the days of full-sized trucks rinsing fuel at the level of many orders of magnitude higher than their smaller brothers were long gone.

F-150: Remember when “this thing goes up like a truck” is insult? No longer. Ford has provided even the most basic F-150 with a smooth ride thanks to suspension technology which is a light year ahead of the cow cart. In terms of infotainment and comfort, the sweet version of the F-150 can with the best luxury sedans, offering sophisticated navigation tools and climate-controlled seat massages.

Ranger: Ford’s small truck is not loose, it becomes standard with a Pre-Collision Aid tool such as Automatic Emergency Braking. Trajectory maintenance technology, standard in the top two trims, pulls the Ranger back into a straight and narrow lane while Lariat adaptive cruise controls make the driver at a safe distance from the engine in front of them.

Bottom Line: Ranger has security technology that is more active than the F-150. Instead, the F-150 has more comfort available than the Ranger. With Ford’s increasing competition in both areas, don’t expect shortages to last too long.

4 × 4 cred
F-150: This debate can be solved with one word: Raptor. Functioning as a ‘halo model’ for the entire F-150 range, this rough pickup can tear the dunes quickly without sweating. Model Workaday has an electronic-shift-on-the-fly transfer case while the sweet trim (Menjerat and above) spreads a two-speed unit with automatic 4WD capabilities.

Ranger: Ford chose not to offer a version of the Raptor in this country, for unexpected reasons known only to Jim Hackett and the ghost of Henry Ford. The FX4 Trim will have a trail management size, complete with decreased drop control and different drivetrain settings depending on the driving surface. Not a Raptor, though, Jimmy.

Bottom Line: Both pickups will get their drivers through reasonable obstacles or snow levels. Those who try to impress trail friends will want to appear for the crude F-150 version.

F-150: The most subjective of size, styling is often judged in the eye of the beholder. However, the F-150 is an attractive engine from almost any angle, with a lantern-tailed grille and expressive headlights on each trim. Those who think that there are no plates like chrome can coat shiny items, while fans of addenda colors (* enhance hands *) can choose a sporty appearance package.

Ranger: Even though this Ranger is new in America, this is a truck that has been available elsewhere in the world for several years now. With this knowledge, Ranger’s visual lack of gravity began to make little sense. Don’t expect to intimidate your friends with Colorado ZR2 in this matter.

Bottom Line: T-square and face styling fans like traditional trucks will find it more like the F-150 than the Ranger.

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