Gold Truck Wheels, 2016 Ram 3500 Megacab- Fool’s Gold

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Gold Truck Wheels – Pyrite – or stupid gold, because it is more commonly known – is a mineral with a shallow resemblance to gold. Today, pyrite is sometimes sold in the form of new items or costume jewelry, but that is not entirely useless. Actually, this is a good way to find real gold, because both are formed together in the same conditions.

Patrick Breen might have found gold in the newest building, but it took a while to get there. Patrick was born and raised on the west coast of Florida, Fort Myers to be exact, and when he was 15 years old his father bought him a Toyota 4Runner, which he maintained and drove for the next two years. At 17, it’s time to get out and be more creative.

Gold Truck Wheels

He bought Lexus, and that’s where the touch for adjustments began. “It was lowered and had several wheels on it,” said Patrick Truckin, “but it really opened my eyes to a new world of striking vehicles.” A year later, Patrick entered a new hobby, motorbike – until his son Emmett was born and he needed something more family friendly. He found and bought his first truck, the Chevy 1500, but his wife liked the Dodge brand and made sure to give him a friendly reminder about his preferences.

After the dual body was built to Patrick’s taste, Ram was taken to Robert Pigue at Plan B Fab in Orlando, Florida, for heavy lifting. Using the Plan B section, Robert and his crew used the next two weeks to remove the stock suspension and install a specially designed suspension. Outkast Customz handles all powdercoating. Efficient Lighting Supply adds expertise by adding wireless stone lights to display new suspensions in low-light situations.

Patrick proudly performed Ram, which was finished at SEMA and wanted to thank his beautiful wife, Amanda, for her support throughout the building. Special thanks to parents and friends for transportation assistance and for their support in Vegas during the week-long event. Fool’s Gold will be difficult to the top when Patrick decides to start the next build, but for now, he wants to enjoy the flawless collaboration of Plan B in the beautiful Florida sun.

Year / Create / Model: ’16 Ram 3500 Limited Dualie Mega Cab
Owner and City / Country: Patrick Breen; Fort Myers, Florida
Club Affiliation: Level 7

Front Suspension: 20-inch Custom B Package Fab four-link coilover suspension, FOA 2.5 coilover black shock with reservoir, 12-inch travel, Gold Illusion springs, special axle truss by Plan B with Illusion Gold overlay, high steer by Plan B, dual FOA steering stabilizer, Shake Blade plan B with overlay
Rear Suspension: FOA 2.5 black coilover shocks with reservoir; 12-inch trip; Eye of golden illusion; white powder carriages, rocking bars, bolt-in frame holders, frame mounted overlays, and custom crossmember transmissions by Outkast Kustomz; Powdercoated Gold Illusion brake rotors, brake calipers, track bars, steering, four-link bars, overlays, and front and rear differential covers by Mike Kent Jr. on Outkast Kustomz

Engine: Cummins 6.7L, EGR and remove throttle valve, block-off plate from Rudy Diesel, Flo-Pro 5-inch turbo-back exhaust, 8-inch axle dump, PureFlow AirDog 2 4G 160-gph pump with XDP fuel tank sump, Ezlynk Auto Agent with a PPEI engine and transmission of songs with shift on the fly
Transmission: 68rfe
Rearend: 4.10 gears

Body / Paint: The headlights built by Thomas King; the colors matched by Nick Rich in the Forgotten Customs; Klearz Manufacturing marks a clear side; The Go Goon LED color that matches the Forgotten Customs; Go Recon is clearly a dualie LED side marker; Go antenna bullet 50-cal Recon; Hikari 6000k LED lights and fog lights; Diode Dynamics 6000k reverse LED; sign lights; Boost Bar, special grille; white and the Illusion Gold Ram logo; the Amp Research steps that are adjusted to color; Tonno Pro bed cover; Armadillo Liners Bedliners; 16-inch Bulletproof HD adjustable drop hitch; Lock fast obstacles; the tailgate is smoothed and painted; door handles, tailgate handles, window trims, and matching wheel colors; Efficient Lighting 16 wireless white stone LED lights

Interior: Tikar teknologi yang dibentuk oleh cuaca, konsol pusat Lockerdown aman, pencahayaan LED interior Diode Dynamics

Roda & Ban:
Roda: 26×16; Bubuk bubuk American Psycho Gold oleh Forgotten Customs
Ban: 40×15.50R26 MTS Fury dan 40×13.50R26 MTS
Terima kasih khusus: Brad Spearing dari BDS Suspension, Forgotten Customs untuk membantu siang dan malam selama berbulan-bulan, Rob dan timnya dari Plan B untuk penangguhan, semua sponsor saya untuk kepercayaan dan dukungan mereka untuk saya, Joel Chan dan American Force Wheels untuk sponsor mereka, Jake dari Fury Tyres (RIP), Boost Bars, Ezlynk, PPEI, Recon Lighting, Locker Down, Hitches Bulletproof, Klearz Manufacturing, Weather Tech, Marvel Coatings, Armadillo Liners untuk menyediakan fitur pada SEMA

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