Rc Truck Tires, RC Cyber Monday 2018 Deals (Cars, Trucks, Airplanes, Helicopters, Boats)

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4X4 RC TRUCKS FOR SALE – Image via tracgear.com

Rc Truck Tires, RC Cyber Monday 2018 Deals (Cars, Trucks, Airplanes, Helicopters, Boats)-The Cyber ​​Monday has come back and we have chosen some great RC models to save your search. The best Cyber ​​Monday RC offers radio-controlled gifts from five main categories. These are RC cars, RC cars, RC boats, RC planes and RC robots. If you are interested in soil, air or water, everything is ready for Cyber ​​Monday 2018.

From the remote controls, the most important car brands have presented some of their best models this year. We have also added a number of less well-known brands that offer incredible features and values. The options on this page are models that meet the needs and expectations of young children, young people and adults.

Cyber ​​Monday: Saves remote-controlled cars
Cyber ​​Monday, 2018 offers seven great savings on remote-controlled vehicles:

Rc Truck Tires

$ 24.99: Disney Kids Minnie Mouse Junior RC Car So far $ 56.99 (Amazon)
39.95 €: Rastar 1:14 RTC Ford RTR – Sports Cars under license Previous $ 65.99 (HobbyTron)
$ 58.99: Ford F-150 Elite Raptor for Nikon RC Elite Vehicle $ 79.99 (Amazon)
€ 59.95: RTR 1:10 Ferrari FXX electric car with license Up to $ 88.99 (HobbyTron)
$ 109.99 Includes: Two GALAXY ZEGA LEO GONDAR Fighting RC Cars Battle It was $ 122.71 (GearBest)
149.99 €: Redcat 1/10 EPX Racing High Speed ​​RC Drift Car. $ 189.99 (Amazon)
$ 229.99 Redcat Racing Lightning EPX Pro 4WD Slot. | So far $ 395.99 (HobbyTron)
What do you need to take into account with RC cars?
RC cars are the most popular models for children and families. There are simple mini-cars with varied leisure options. Parents and grandparents should check the age recommended by each model manufacturer. Also find the skill level, battery life, and load times reported in the shooting technique. With such simple controls you can make better purchasing decisions.

Cyber-Monday: Save on off-road vehicles
See these seven off-road RC vehicles for Cyber ​​Monday:

$ 22.39: Click N ‘Play Remote Road Crawler’s 4WD Remote Crawler for $ 27.99 (Amazon)
$ 24.99: GBlife Monster SUV RC Waterfall Vehicle $ 39.99 (Amazon)
$ 70.99: GoStock Fast RC Car Monster Truck 1:12 | It was $ 109 (Amazon)
$ 79.99: 2-speed remote control HAIBOXING Off-Road / Remote 1:12 | It was $ 93.76 (GearBest)
$ 110.99: Monster truck Hosim 1:10 46 km / h professional quality $ 199.99 (Amazon)
$ 114.99: Wltoys 11:12 Fast 6-wheel racing car It was 167.45 (GearBest)
€ 207.83 to Traxxas 2WD Monster Truck Stampede Scale 1:10 | It was $ 232.20 (Amazon)
What should be considered by a remote-controlled off-road vehicle?
Radiographically controlled terrain models are no longer the gifts of rich children. Most children have used a remote control vehicle today before they are 10 years of age. These affecting RC trucks are suitable for all ages. They offer a wide range of interesting functions and functions at all levels. Here are some great Off-Road RC options Cyber ​​Monday.

When you acquire such models, you have to consider some points. Think of an operating system that is 2WD or 4WD. Also check the speed, operating range, battery life and charging time options. Check the quality of the parts of the truck, tires, benefits, disadvantages and spare parts costs.

Cyber ​​Monday Save rc for boats
Here are 7 very fast and radio-controlled RC boats on Cyber ​​Monday, 2018:

€ 19.95: Electric Generator RC Micro Torpedo RTR | So far $ 33.99 (HobbyTron)
€ 34.99: RC Skytech Racing Boat Black and Blue H100 | It was $ 65.60 (GearBest)
$ 41.99 for FeiLun FT009 RC Racing Speedboat | It was $ 50.04 (GearBest)
EUR 79,98: Volantex Brushless V792-2 RC Motor Boat (PNP) It was $ 167.99 (Banggood)
119.00 €: Boat TR 1200, speed 30 MPH | It was $ 199 (Amazon)
$ 149.97 for: IDU 30 Mph RC Arrow 25 “RC Brushless Motor Boat Guarantee $ 199.98 (Amazon)
$ 161.49: Glass Fiberglass TFL 1111 Rocket FSR-OR | It was $ 293.99 (Banggood)
What should be considered on motorboats and RC riders?
There are many things about the RC water models. Motorboats must be able to repair the capsule, especially if you want to drive in large tanks …

Cyber ​​Monday: saving on remote controlled aircraft
These are our best deals with 7 RC planes for all levels and budgets this Monday Cyber:

$ 12.45 for: DIY toy airplane for children with 4 axles It was $ 29.57 (GearBest)
$ 53.99 for: Sonic Model Mini AR RC FPV EPP | For $ 99.99 (Banggood)
$ 67.95 for: RC Airplane MIG-29 Stunt Flying RTF | So far $ 112.99 (HobbyTron)
$ 82.99 for: XK X520 Delta Wing Vertical aircraft taking off / taking off It was $ 93.72 (GearBest)
$ 111.10 for: TobyRich SmartPlane Pro | It was $ 259.99 (Banggood)
$ 129.99 for: Volantax Phoenix V2 sport aircraft for athletes For $ 199.99 (Banggood)
$ 217.99 for: Volantex Ranger EX757-3 long-haul aircraft RC | It was $ 279.99 (Banggood)
What should be considered for RC aircraft?
Flying with RC planes is a special fun that brings families and friends together. There are many projects with easy to use controls for beginners. There are also impressive RC planes, which give experienced pilots incredible pleasure. Always check the model format before you start. All RC aircraft are registered as RTF, ARF, PNP or BNF. Read the introduction if you need a summary.

Other critical elements to consider are build quality, impact resistance and chassis. Also consider the startup options, for example. Manual start, vertical start / landing and start / landing on the ground. The RC aircraft must specify the required flight level and the minimum recommended age. Also check the maximum speed, flight distance, flight and load times and all available flight characteristics.

Cyber ​​Monday: savings on RC helicopters
These seven RC Cyber ​​Monday helicopters should be something for all Whirlybird fans:

$ 19.99 for: Syma S107G 3-channel child helicopter It was $ 49.95 (Amazon)
$ 21.99 for: GPTOYS G610, large infrared remote control helicopter It was $ 59.99 (Amazon)
$ 42.13 for: SkyRover Phoenix 4CH RC Helicopter | Until now $ 54,77 (Amazon)
$ 44.95 for: Spy Hercules Unbreakable RC Spy Helicopter | So far $ 169.99 (HobbyTron)
$ 79.95 for: Set of 3 RTF X9 3CH RC helicopters packages Up to now $ 164.95 (HobbyTron)
$ 95.99 for: WLtoys V950 2.4G 6CH RTF RC Helicopter For $ 159.99 (Banggood)
$ 223.99 for: ALZRC Devil 420 Super Fast RC Helicopter Station Wagon | It was $ 279.99 (Banggood)
What should be taken into account with RC helicopters?
RC helicopters are gaining popularity even if they are more difficult to use than RC planes. Coaxial models with two rotors are easier for students to understand than models with one rotor. Beginners can also choose a 3-3.5 channel because they have fewer flight functions. Our selection of Cyber ​​Monday includes helicopter models that meet all budgets and skill levels. Below are the most important buying instructions.

At least sometimes they break the helicopter, we do it all. Check the shock resistance of the model, as well as the availability and price of spare parts. Experienced pilots want brushless motors, a long-life battery and metal parts. Do not forget to check the flight times and charging times of the battery.

Cyber ​​Monday radio controlled robot
Every RC model is a robot, but these fascinating options are robots in the traditional sense of the word:

$ 16.99 for: Battle RC Robot 2.4G Remote Body Sense | It was $ 32.39 (GearBest)
$ 29.99 for: RoboShooter remote control robot for kids It was $ 60.00 (Amazon)
$ 35.00 for: WolVol Remote Control Robot (Large) 10CH | It was $ 49.94 (Amazon)
$ 93.19 for: Skyrocket Mebo 2.0 interactive telephone control robot For $ 149.99 (Amazon)
$ 119.96 for: Kids Voice Activated Robot Wonder Workshop Dash For $ 149.99 (Amazon)
$ 139.97: Anki Cozmo, the educational and fun robot for kids For $ 179.99 (Amazon)
$ 174.99 for: Anki Vector Home Intelligent Helping Robot For $ 249.99 (Amazon)
What should be taken into account with RC robots?
RC robots are a very special product and do much more than just moving on the ground. Some robots install creative tutorials that teach them as they speak. Search for complete descriptions of all possible models. They want to adapt the attractiveness of the robot and its possibilities to the needs and age of the child. In other words, ask how the model is useful for the recipient?

Check the maximum reading time for full charging and the time it takes to record ………

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