Rc Fire Trucks, Fire in the West End has Thurlow Street closed for blocks

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Rc Fire Trucks, Fire in the West End has Thurlow Street closed for blocks-Stan Thurlow is currently detained by Robson in Davie while firefighters are working to prolong the fire in the building.

The fire began on Thursday, October 4 at 9:00 am, when fire and rescue of Vancouver reacted to rumors of smoke on the fourth floor of the Thurlowha 900 building block.They found the source of the fire in the apartment on the fourth floor, but smoke spread through the walls.The road is closed until further notice, and there are several firefighting vehicles.

UPDATE 11:12: The fourth alarm is issued for the Thurlow 900 block. An injured fireman is being treated in British Columbia for an emergency. The teams are hunting and attacking lasting fires in harsh conditions and expect the streets to be closed for several hours. Pets are currently evacuated from the building.

Rc Fire Trucks

Vancouver Fire teams on Twitter are still attacking 900 Thurlow and looking for a building. The third alarm exceeded #vanworkingfire
Thurlow was closing south of Nelson. #vfrs pic.twitter.com/SqkyttjtlP

– Firefighter (@VanFireRescue) on October 4, 2018. The third alarm crew (900blk Thurlow) quit last fires spreading into the cavities of walls and ceilings. Several clothes remain uninhabited, and social emergency services are in place. #vanworkingfire #vfrs Thurlow and Nelson remain closed …….

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