Small Pickup Trucks For Sale, This Tiny Suzuki Jimny Pickup Truck Is the Freaking Best

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Small Pickup Trucks For Sale – Since the fourth generation Suzuki Jimny debuted earlier this year, we are very jealous that Japan and other parts of the world get a small back-to-basics off-road SUV. If the concept version that comes to Tokyo Auto Salon next month receives green light for production, we will have more reasons to feel jealous: Meet the concept of the Sierra Pickup Style Jimny.

This concept appears to add about one foot to the back of the almost nonexistent Jimny with the smallest truck bed we’ve ever seen. Even though the main utility might be questioned, the bed changes the profile of the SUV of the box a little, and we dig into the display.

Small Pickup Trucks For Sale

This concept is based on the Sierra Jimny model, which gets wider flare fenders and a larger (though still eensy) naturally aspirated 1.5-liter four-cylinder that produces 101 horsepower. The concept of pickup also features wooden panels along the sides; unique and retro-scented front grille; lamp blades mounted on the bed; and two pull hooks on the front bumper.

Suzuki also carries a modified Jimny SUV concept called Survive. The small sport ready for the expedition has an external top bolt casing, slip plate, bead locking wheel, steel front bumper and diamond plate accents on the fender.

We are very happy to see these two vehicles – or any Jimny model – for sale in the US, which unfortunately will not happen. At least we have a Jeep Gladiator that is recognized to be far greater to bring the sensation of off-road pickup.

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