Used Ford Truck Beds, Rubber Truck Bed Mats and the Great Firewood Caper

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Used Ford Truck Beds – Not long ago a neighbor asked me to help him split and stack large piles of firewood. Sure, I thought. When this project developed, my mental suffering increased and my appreciation of the rubber truck mats increased. Here’s the story …

Look, the neighbors have sons with lots of energy and there are some other children there too. So they race to see how fast they can build a pile of wood. Now the model is late neighbors, like new, Ford Ranger pickups come into play.

Used Ford Truck Beds

There is transport of short pickups from dividers to piles of finished firewood. Shiny red Ford is a truck to transport. So initially timber is loaded, with neighboring sons in charge, with careful steps. Heavy and experienced oak pieces are carefully placed at Ford. Then when the afternoon starts, competition for speed increases.

Careful placement of firewood develops into a throw of firewood. Now remember that this is a heavy and hard slab of oak and throws from fifteen to twenty feet high. When things developed, wood began to soar above the truck bed. You can almost feel dented. You certainly can hear it. The blow falls faster and harder. The steps are faster.

Now wood is showering on the fenders, in the rear window, inside, outside, everywhere the ground blows. It’s like a demolition derby. This is the total destruction of a very good truck. Dents, scratches and damage everywhere. This is a destroyed truck in just a few hours. Extraordinary.

There is no truck base that can protect the truck from such severe damage.

But rubber truck mats can withstand almost all the damage that SANE people will cause under normal use. Save your truck from expensive damage with some cheap bedding.

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