Used Military Trucks For Sale, Acela converts military trucks into off-road workhorses

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Used Military Trucks For Sale – Trucks originally registered by the United States Army found new destinations for civil works throughout North America through the Acela Truck Company Based in Montana, the Acela Truck Company is repairing used tactical trucks to provide vehicles that can navigate rough terrain.

The idea of ​​rebuilding a United States Army truck was born after Acela was approached by mining companies to look for new off-road truck options. “They experience many problems with wheeled vehicles they navigate through their mines,” said Acela President David Ronsen.

Used Military Trucks For Sale

“We were asked if we could find a solution.”

Outside of North America, there are around 15 companies that produce trucks capable of navigating the terrain demanded by mining companies that ask.

However, Ronsen explained that the vehicle was not sold in North America.

“The only real heavy duty, high mobility truck ever produced in North America is for the Department of Defense. This is called the medium tactical vehicle family (FMTV), “said Ronsen.

Acela decided to consider buying FMTV from the military, which was used by the army to deal with extreme terrain and weather conditions. Fortunately, the Department of Defense wants to sell trucks as surplus equipment.

“They made a production switch. Now the only version of the truck they are buying is armored, but they are looking for someone to buy their soft leather vehicle, so our supplies are there, “Ronsen said.

From there, Acela began research and development for one year to see if the truck could be changed to deal with mining conditions and supported by a warranty.

“Throughout the year we did a lot of mold making and custom components, and we got a number of parts back into production that had not been produced for some time,” Ronsen said.

The company’s final product, named Monterra, is able to meet the standards of commercial trucks and work in extreme conditions.

“What’s left for us is hands down the most sophisticated wheeled vehicles in North America,” claims Ronsen. “These things will run circles around trucks produced in the United States.”

Acela Process
After Acela bought a truck from the Department of Defense, the vehicle was inspected to ensure that the truck was in good enough condition to be used again.

“We determine whether we have a decent donor, if you want,” Ronsen said. “So, if they have a big engine problem, transmission or transmission, then we make a judgment whether we will build on that platform or not, which will involve either rebuilding or replacing the component.”

After trucks are considered as worthy donors, they are made available for sale. Then, the vehicle enters the production line where it is torn down and all parts are clogged, surface and painted and returned to the assembly line.

“We reinstalled trucks with about 650 new parts on them,” Ronsen said.

At home in Alberta
In Canada, trucks have proven useful in the Alberta oil sands. Ronsen said the vehicle was used for various tasks, ranging from sending fuel to a utility truck to load the truck into a welding truck.

“I saw a truck that had a 105-foot crane on top of a human basket, which was used for nothing but cleaning the shovel windshield,” he said. “They are everywhere they need wheeled vehicles to get into the asphalt site. In summer, the asphalt is runny, but these things have been done. ”

4 × 4 or 6 × 6
Monterra is available in a 4 × 4 model with an 8.36-kg off-road loading capacity, or a 6 × 6 model with a 14.107 kg off-road loading capacity. Both of these models feature 56 cm of ground clearance, full-time all-wheel drive, turbo-charged diesel engine powered by 330 Caterpillar 7.2 liter, Allison Automatic 7-speed transmission, top speed of 119 km / h and US Army Ultra – Reliable certification.

In addition, the central tire inflation system provides adjustable psi for 116 high tires and 30 cm width.

“This can make the tire drop to around 22 psi with the touch of a button. What is done is to double your tire patch, “said Ronsen. “You really started to imitate the vehicle that was tracked at the time. You only have so much attraction on the ground. “

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