Food Trucks For Sale Dallas, Building a Food Truck to Be Profitable at Minimum Cost

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Food Trucks For Sale Dallas – When advising those who ventured into the world of mobile food trucking businesses, I cannot stress enough the importance of building “optimal” food trucks. And optimally I don’t mean the biggest, worst, most expensive new truck that you can design just for that pure pleasure.

You really want to keep in mind that you are building a food truck to produce maximum profits but at a minimum cost, so you can look professional and successful, while keeping as much profit as possible for yourself and your family! When you dig, you will find there is quite a lot of it. I really want to give you a few secrets here that I believe are the most important considerations, which should be enough to guide you in the right direction.

Food Trucks For Sale Dallas

First, I highly recommend that you use a quality used food truck. And finding one is actually quite easy. Many industrial trucks have been built to operate as far as 300,000, 400,000 or even 500,000 miles! Sweet spots are often found by getting something like a FedEx or UPS truck, bread delivery truck, or even a potato chip delivery truck. These examples are true work horses and you might be able to find them at a distance of around 100,000-120,000 miles at a reasonable price; heck, even 150,000 miles is still a factor in many working lives that are useful for starting and developing your cellular food business. And make sure the truck is well cared for, which is most likely derived from FedEx, UPS or other large truck fleets. You obviously want to check with a mechanic but this route will be your cheapest choice and will serve you well because, again, these things last 300,000, 400,000, 500,000 miles easily.

When filling your food truck, choose middle-class equipment that is durable. And I want to share with you here some ways to protect yourself. I lost tens of thousands of dollars because I didn’t know what to shop when I rented a kitchen building around me. And even though I did research and went to five or six other truck builders, I still benefited. Building a truck is a bit like the Wild, the Wild West. For some reason there aren’t many regulations in this industry and I’m not sure why. One of the things I will encourage you to do in terms of protecting yourself is to get a written contract and, when dealing with vendors outside the country, make sure that if there is a dispute stating that the contract will be completed within your home country. Make the foreign vendor come to you if / when the time comes. Another thing I will do is make sure to pay them in thirds. I mean the third one after signing a contract, the third is mid when you can expect the vehicle and make sure that it comes on schedule, and then the last third after you check your food truck and sent it.

And in further consideration when building your food truck for maximum profit at a minimum cost, make sure you go to your local jurisdiction and know their laws and codes first and then your truck is built to those specifications. And this is a kind of bonus tip for you. Enter in the contract that the truck must be built with this code and specifications and if not, the vendor will pay to repair it. Don’t try to solve this after building; do it in the right way ahead when you have influence with the builder. This is a big mistake that I see many clients that I consulted with making. Sometimes it’s too late when I get to them, but I want to make sure you don’t make this mistake. Make sure you know the code – and by the way, for each city or jurisdiction where you will park, you must go to their health department and find out what their codes and laws are. My city, Baltimore, is one of the most difficult in the country but your city can vary greatly in several aspects.

And of course, you want to make sure that your truck looks attractive. Remember this is your cellular billboard and this results in new catering and customer jobs for your restaurant. From personal experience, we actually installed a roof of a food truck, so when we went to the business district, the office building on the top floor could see our website and a teaser message there, so they could actually order online and then come to the truck and take their food.

In short, I would not recommend going with low-end food truck equipment or suggesting high-end. The old saying isn’t wise one cent but a stupid pound certainly applies to the cellular food industry. Choose wisely and thrifty but don’t buy the cheapest equipment that you can find in classified ads because damage is the last thing you want to worry about out there! I wish you success and pleasure in your mobile food business!

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