10.00 20 Truck Tires, Nokian Tires adds new size to its Armor Gard 2 Excavator Tire

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10.00 20 Truck Tires – Nokian Tires ‘Armor Gard 2 Excavator Tire can now be installed on various types of excavators, thanks to the new size 11.00-20. The focus of tire product development is the demand for excavation work in urban environments: improving tire stability and safety and ensuring long tire life even on long-distance highway transits.

Nokian Armor Gard 2 was originally released in one size, 10.00-20. The new 11.00-20 size allows more contractors to increase their excavator properties both on site and in transit.

10.00 20 Truck Tires

The demands set for development are filled with flying colors. “Nokian Armor Gard 2 has 25% more vertical stiffness than its predecessor,” said Eva-Leena Varpe, Product Manager for the Nokian Ban Off-the-Road (OTR) tire. “This provides more stability for excavation work, allows better accuracy, which is very important when working in densely populated areas”

Roads tend to be paved at city excavation sites and in transit between them. That can cause premature wear on the excavator tires. Nokian Armor Gard 2 is prepared for this challenge too. “Wide footprints allow lower surface pressure, which means tires are used slower”, Varpe explained. “Compared to the previous model, we also added 12% more rubber to the site, so there were many who had to wear out.”

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