Old Chevy 4X4 Trucks For Sale, At $16,995, Could This 1976 Chevy Silverado 4X4 Shortbed Be a Truck You Might Long For?

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Old Chevy 4X4 Trucks For Sale – Today’s Good Price or Crack Pipe C / K may be old, but the terms and conditions mean it’s still going on. Let’s see if the price will also make it feasible to work on. Taurus Ford is described as the car that saved Ford. Hell, there is even a book with that title. That might be hyperbole, but there is a core truth. Not only that, Taurus is not even the first car to save Ford. Years before, Ford in 1949 brought the company back from the brink of financial collapse, an even more dire situation than the situation faced in the ’80s.

The car was the first new product released under the guidance of Henry Ford’s grandson, Henry the Second. At the age of 28, Henry II was appointed president of the company at the behest of his mother, Eleanor Ford, taking control of his very old grandfather. Henry II will direct the company back to profitability. He will finally live to see Taurus also save Ford, but long enough to see the car fall out of relevance.

Old Chevy 4X4 Trucks For Sale

Yesterday in 1999 the Ford Taurus SHO was an example of that fall, even though it was one of the best ways to make this trip. The example has a very low distance, almost a clean showroom appearance, and a V8 engine whose construction consists of some of the biggest names in engine construction – Cosworth, Yamaha, and yes, Ford.

But that is not enough to overcome the demand price of $ 15,800. Many of you are questioning the output of the engine 235 horsepower that seems that small, while others cannot pass the appearance of a fish. In the end, it dropped in a loss of 92% monumental Crack Pipe.

There has been epic competition throughout the ages – Greece vs. Trojans, VHS vs. Beta, Trump vs. everyone, just a few examples. Maybe their biggest competition is all Ford vs. Chevy. The battle has been fought for a lot in the dealer showroom and through duel decals Kencing Calvin. The most common weapon of choice? Pickup truck.

Until 1982, Chevy and Ford threw it fairly evenly, with Chevy generally getting the edge. But after that, Ford took the crown and truck buyers made sure they saved it. GM sold more trucks in total than Ford, with Chevy and GMC thrown together, but for the sole sale of marque, Ford was king.

This 1976 Chevy Silverado shows what Chevy has in its warehouse to do battle again that day. The third generation of C / K trucks made their debut in 1972 and were the first to take things such as aerodynamics and fuel economy into serious consideration. This one is less interested in fuel economy because it swings 400 CID V8, M49 3-speed automatic, and NP203 two transfer case speed allows 4WD. Unless you dream exclusively on Priuses it’s all very good.

Sitting above them seriously mechanical is the fleetside body of a short bed by taxi standards. Trimming is the top part of the Silverado pile, so it’s quite luxurious for an old truck. The trim level gives you brushed metal side hues, fake wood on the dashboard, full door carpet and panels, a complete measuring package, and flexible tape behind the cabin above the bed.

This black on red edition comes with only 79K hours. The seller said that it was only used for fishing visits or tools around the city on the visit. It comes with a few slashes and scratches here and there, per ad, but is displayed well in the image.

The new parts installed in the last 5K include the Warn manual hub at the front, heating core and hose, brake lines, calipers and bearings, and thermostats. Recently, the A / C has been rebuilt and the radiator has been replaced. The seller said the machine was running as it should without problems. He claims that 400 can be modified like the SBC, but be warned, this machine has a siamesed cylinder and requires a special head and gasket for the engine to fail. Be careful here.

Bodywork looks clean and the seller says there is no rust at all on the body or frame. A clean bed fills the backend, but the original tailgate, and seems dented, comes with a truck. The roof of the cabin has been closed again, and the plastic bedliners hide a few blisters behind. Still, this is pickup, what do you expect? It must show some evidence of doing honest daily work.

It took a few honest days to buy this cool old truck. The asking price is $ 16,995 and before you jump, point accusatively on your screen and shout “I can buy a much more modern Chevy truck for that much!” Let’s all agree that yes, yes, you can.

We are more interested in this old truck. There is gravity that only comes with age and looks like in the form of a turnkey. The question is, is the key worth $ 16,995 requested?

You decide!

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