Pickup Truck Cargo Rack, Rivian amps up adventure with 400-mile all-electric pickup truck

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PICKUP TRUCK CARGO RACK – Image via nuthouseindustries.com

 Pickup Truck Cargo Rack – The startup of American electric vehicles, Rivian, pushed itself into the world in 2018 LA Auto Show. This not only shows off the old pickup trucks around the show, but redefines expectations with an all-electric performance engine built from the ground up to accelerate like a sports car, transport tools such as donkeys, splash mud and water, and gather miles of family vacations on Highway.

It calls this 753-hp, four-motorized monster R1T adventure vehicle, and it’s hard not to like it. Rivian avoids American pickup trucks that usually focus on worldly things such as cargo and bed strength, referring to R1T 216-in (5,475-mm) as “Electric Adventure Vehicle.” Even a trademark slide at the end of the semester.

 Pickup Truck Cargo Rack

We think when you try to sell a 750-hp truck with adaptive and 3-second suspension 0-60 mph (96.5 km / h) during a sprint, you expect adrenaline addicts, not project managers, to appear on the numbers for a test drive. But with several drive system options, a five-seat cabin, and cargo storage from bumper to bumper, the R1T must prove popular with all types of truck buyers.

Before building that popularity, truck buyers had to open their minds to the idea of ​​an all-electric pickup. Rivian helps them along with concentrating serious battery power in his truck. Whether you’re adventuring to a remote campsite or leaving from work to work, you don’t want any butterflies in your stomach to worry about being stranded by dead batteries, and with 400+ miles (644+ km) of Range, 180 battery packs -KWh top level Rivian releases the butterfly into the atmosphere. Fast charging promises a range of around 200 miles (322 km) for 30 minutes of plug-in time.

Rivian batteries, which will also come in 105-kW, 230-miles (370 km) and 135-kWh, 300 miles (483 km) flavors, are installed in the center of the skateboard chassis, the R1T lynchpin design. In addition to batteries, the skateboard platform secures four motors, suspension components, brakes and thermal management hardware below the height of the wheel, dropping the center of gravity down and opening all the space on wheels for passengers and cargo.

Each of the four motors sends up to 197 hp to special wheels, creating an AWD system with precise torque control. A large amount of torque directly fires the R1T forward like a high-performance track car, runs 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds horizontally before reaching 100 mph in less than 7 seconds. On the other side of the performance spectrum, quad-motor torque distribution also helps in the speed of crawl and draw low-speed rock up to 11,000 lb (5,000 kg).

“Our quad-motor arrangement is not just about brute strength,” explained Mark Vinnels, technical director and executive program from Rivian. “This architecture provides instant torque with very precise controls on each wheel, which really changes the game from a dynamic perspective, both on and off the road.”

Speaking of off-road, the tag “adventure vehicle” is not just talking about marketing. R1T is built for fun hard, out-of-road, whether it functions as the main boat for fun or just a shuttle for that. The truck can sail up to 3.3 feet (1 m) in water and withstand rough terrain with a “go anywhere” suspension system with unequal double wishbones in front and multi-link behind. The air suspension provides a ride height controller so you can rely on 14 di (360 mm) ground clearance when off-road, then optimize aerodynamics on the highway by dropping it to 9.4 in (240 mm). Lower it to 8 in (200 mm) on arrival to make it easier to jump out. The suspension system also includes adaptive attenuation and dynamic roll control.

Rivian says R1T is the world’s pickup leader in lockable storage space, and we can’t say that we’ve seen another truck with the same storage. Without an engine rumbling under the hood, the R1T can swallow up to 330 liters of cargo in its frunk. The skateboard platform configuration below paves the way for a full wide track storage tunnel just in front of the rear wheels, packing in 350 liters of other equipment, including long items such as skiing, snowboards and golf bags. The tunnel drop-down door doubles as a seating and roof access step. There is even 95 liters of storage tucked under the back seat.

Don’t forget, R1T is a pickup truck, so there is more storage in the bed, which measures 4.5 feet (1.4 m) with the tailgate rising, 6.8 feet (2.1 m) with it down. A compartment of the 200-L Underfloor keeps a spare tire or other cargo and a set of cable locks secures the bike and looks like to the bed. The owner can even leave valuables knowing that surveillance of the bed camera system will remind them if someone is fiddling with the cargo.

The bed includes a waterproof tonneau cover, and Rivian has also developed a telescoping rack system that can secure to the roof, bed rails or floor of the bed, supporting things like bicycle racks, cargo boxes and tents on the roof before compacting and storing in frunk. The truck load is 1,764 lb (800 kg).

Long story short, there is no need to leave home without any equipment you need, and maybe some that you don’t need at all. Upon arrival, the R1T helps power and support equipment and activities with three integrated 110-V outlets and pressurized air connections.

Outside, Rivian has done an amazing job creating a truck with classic brute strength and leading EV styling. There is no clearer combination than on the front-end, where a strong and upright structure frames a full width paddle that runs in front of a lamp cut by “stadium lights.” Farther back, the R1T shows its strength with muscular thighs, fender flares, and sturdy character lines that float around the greenhouse. Rear lighting marks follow the front in a clean stretch in the width of the vehicle.

The interior uses a mixture of luxurious touches and durable, inspired materials from the outside to create an inviting and comfortable space but strong enough to put into a squeezer. Continuous wood brings character to the face of the dash, frames the 15.6-inch central infotainment touch screen and 12.3-inch digital instrument panel. Meanwhile, it’s easy to clean, ingredients that are lowered from exercise in areas with high wear. The car platform connected with Rivian runs on two front digital screens, as well as the 6.8-in rear touch screen, offering mapping that focuses on adventure and other applications.

Rivian intends to launch the R1T with Level 3 High-capable hardware from high-precision GPS, high definition mapping, cameras, LiDAR, radar, and ultrasonic sensors. Self-driving functionality will extend beyond the highway leading to “a variety of own driving features that are focused on activating an active lifestyle” – maybe some types of offroad assisted by drivers as they have done at Land Rovers and Mississippi State. University.

R1T weighs 7,650 lb (3,470 kg) and the bulk is distributed 52/48 percent front / rear. Other vital signs include a 125-mph (201-km / h) top speed, 34/30/26 approach / departure / break-over angle in high-off-road mode, and up to 45 degrees of climbing capability.

It all sounds really amazing … maybe too extraordinary. With a number of other EV startups on the hour to actually deliver production vehicles that follow through their wild claims, it’s natural to be very skeptical about the others, especially when it’s an all-out super-pickup. But we believe R1T survived the journey to reality.

Rivian’s plan calls for production to be launched at the end of 2020 at the 2.6 million square foot manufacturing facility currently being prepared in Normal, Illinois. Prices will start at US $ 69,000, before the US $ 7,500 federal tax credit, but the first R1T to roll the line will be equipped with a 185-kWh performance variant which will undoubtedly be far more expensive.

See the R1T in the Rivian promo video below, including some offroad footage towards the end.

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