Used Truck Tires, Follow that truck! News10NBC finds out where illegally dumped tires go

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Used Truck Tires – News10NBC is investigating why people illegally dump used tires throughout the city. We show you how the city has cleared some of the chaos that we have uncovered. But while we tracked down the cleanup, News10NBC saw something that led us to more answers.

The problem is a pile of used tires thrown in the city. News10NBC has a security camera video catching someone throwing tires behind a restaurant on Merchants Street on the east side of the city. We also found chaos next to Jody Torella’s house on the west side.

Used Truck Tires

Jody Torella, city resident: “Every time I enter and leave, I must see this and that is not fair.”

News10 NBC Berkeley Investigative Investigator Brean speaks with Torella on Black Friday.

On Wednesday, the backyard next to his house was cleaned, tires were lifted and taken away. But when News10NBC was looking for another location, we saw a city truck full of tires.

“Phone 211,” one of the crew members in the truck shouted.

News10NBC asked if we could show their work. Instead they told us to call the city information number and leave. So we decided to follow them.

We started down Lyell Avenue. Then, the truck walked zigzag past the west side of the city.

Finally the pickup truck slipped around the tractor trailer and disappeared. But we kept going in the same direction, and that took us to the district recycling center and that’s where we found a large pile of used tires.

The tires that we found included several tires that were dumped in the city. We want to know what happened to them now, so we contacted the district’s director of environmental services.

News10NBC Berkeley Chief Investigative Reporter Brean: “So where did they go?”

Mike Garland, director of Monroe County Environmental Services: “So the tires, Cascade Recovery was responsible for taking the tires and they sent them to Seneca Meadows where the tires were torn and thrown away right there. ”

Brean: “Do you think some of the tires that were dumped illegally in the city ended up in that pile?”

Garland: “I did and the good news is that we have a relationship with City of Rochester where they collect residential tire waste and tires that may be disposed of illegally. They can collect them and bring them to resource recovery facilities knowing that they will be managed right. ”

Garland said the county handles 1,100 tons of old tires every year, but when the city dropped illegally dumped tires, the district government collected city money. So when someone throws a tire in the city, it is a taxpayer.

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