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Fisher Price Food Truck Toys R Us – Like it or not, toys that come out are very hot, but that’s not the only trend according to Maddie Michalik, editor of the New York Toy Insider partnership. Michalik says whether it’s a silly game that makes kids laugh and good toys that have kids digging for unexpected treasures this year the new toy choices have options for each child. Here are some trends that Michalik sees:

Very sensitive, a touch-back game with super soft, slimy, slippery and sequin toys
Retro variations on toys are popular among past generations
Pet-A-Palooza displays everything from talking animals and playsets to furry friends and pets that need to be saved
This game without being bored this year is an interactive and funny game designed to make children and parents laugh out loud
Classic comeback is a toy that already exists and has become popular again, including dolls and puzzles
The trend is cool, but they can make it difficult for parents to find toys for their children, because what might be fun for one person might not be clean for the other.

Fisher Price Food Truck Toys R Us

To help narrow the search here are some trendy toys and what children, teachers and their parents think. Some are tested and others are recommended:

Sing & Play Happy Penguin Plush Toy from Wild Republic (newborn, $ 29.99) applaud and sing popular children’s songs, “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”

The Little Tikes Multi-Language Electronic Activity Park (6-36 months, $ 69.88) features a variety of activities, sounds and games, all in one toy including the piano and obstacles that roam obstacles.

Ladybug Pillow Plush Toy from Moosh (18 months and above, $ 8.95) very, very soft. Our 5-year-old examiner likes it, but the teacher is worried about the antenna, which can be easily pulled and becomes a choking hazard for babies and toddlers.

Giggles’ N Growls Monster from Fisher-Price (6 months, $ 9.99) is designed for babies, but even their older siblings enjoy this cute little monster that makes funny monsters (not annoying too) and short songs. Children can pull their arms and pull them. Good quality toys. Five stars!

The updated Stroll & Discover Activity Walker (9-36 months, $ 29.99) from VTech not only helps children with balance and walking, but will also teach them colors, numbers, animals, and shapes as they move.

Shop ‘n Learn Smart Checkout from Little Tikes (2-up, $ 149) has a cash register and everything the shopper might put on the train. Our testers, Michael, 6, and Madison, 7, are older than the recommended age so their father thinks they might be bored, but the opposite is true. Children love realistic functions, such as conveyor belts and scanners, and because they are older they know how to use all functions. Money is jammed and they have to take apart the toy, but besides that the toy is cool. “That leads to some fake and solid playing moments,” said the children’s father, Jason.

Infinifun My First Yoga Mat from KD Games (2-up, $ 49.99) was a big hit with our 5-year-old tester, who liked everything about it. The toy teaches, seven yoga poses for children as young as 2 and as old as 6. Change settings and children learn about body parts or can play challenging games, speaking in English or Spanish. Even the teacher says soothing music will be a great addition to yoga. Five stars !!

Lola from Selma’s Dolls (2-up, $ 39.99) is a cute plush doll that comes with a story book. This collection is made by two women who want to make a doll line that teaches young people that we don’t, and don’t need to, all look the same. Other dolls in the line include Annie: A Down Syndrome Friend and Ameena: A Muslim Friend (award winner). Our toy testers like that the doll is soft, and the flowers on the shirt, although it would be better if they could put it in different clothes. Their teacher said that making clothes can be replaced will create opportunities for developing good motor skills.

Fingerlings Hugs Interactive Monkey (2-up, $ 29.99) is a large and soft version of the popular monkey that was asked by children last year. This one produces 40-more sounds. Children can hug him, swing it or throw it.

HABA Rainbow Beauty Unicorn (3-up, $ 39.99) was a big hit with our kindergarten tester. He likes his hair, wings, face, even his eyes and mouth. The only thing Santa can do to make it better is to make it real, he said. Oh, and maybe add earrings. Our examiners say he has another unicorn at home but this one is better because the wings are loose.

Kingdom Builders Hex Castle from Little Tikes (3-up, $ 69.99) is a big hit with our first-class toy testers. They enjoy building it, playing with it and rebuilding it. The teacher said it was a good toy. This is sturdy, allowing more than one child to play and can be changed allowing imaginative play. Five stars !!

Fancy Nancy Mon Amie Mademoiselle Nancy from Jakks Pacific (3-up, $ 19.99 – $ 49.99) is a beautiful doll based on the new Disney Junior animated series of the same name. The doll fully poses and displays very good details, beautiful dresses and accessories. This is fantastique! Pair it with one of several “Fancy Nancy” books that are readable by Jane O’Connor or even a classic tea set.

The American My Own Set Plastic Toys (3-up, $ 19.99) can hold dolls up to 16 inches. Our 4-year-old testers love everything. They put things on the shelf, and babies on the bed. Their teacher said it was a fun way for children to use their imagination. The company also makes Giant Recycling Trucks that boys might like (3-up, $ 19.99)

Krazy Kars: Light Up Marble Racers (3-up, $ 6.99) from Scullduggery is a racing car for the next generation. Our testers don’t care about motion-activated LED lights in it, but have fun pulling ropes and watching races. Five stars !!

Slammin ‘Racers Scrapyard Derby (3-up, $ 39.99) from the Little Tikes’ Wheelz line is equipped with a garbage truck that runs along tracks, barrels and obstacles to knock down and buttons to destroy! Cool thing!

My First Work Desk from Educational Insights (3-8, $ 49.99) builds fine motor skills and encourages artistic expression. Our preschool toy testers love the noise it produces and that screwdrivers really work. Their teacher said it was a good motorbike toy for preschoolers. “We can be creative and have fun,” he said. ROD TOYS! Five stars !!

Paddington Poseable Figure Play Set from Yottoy (3-up, $ 32.99) was a hit with our kindergarten testers. It comes with eight amazing pieces that they use to make adventures that are inspired by their imagination and that includes something to include all the parts. We recommend pairing this with the film “Paddington,” ($ 4.99) or the Paddington storybook ($ 10.99).

STEM Jr. The Little Labs Wonder Lab (3-up, $ 119) was a big hit with our 8-year-old toy tester, who likes to work with all the substances in the lab including food, water and shaving cream, even though they don’t like to clean up their mess. Their teacher also likes the toy. He said they would not leave the lab – they wanted to learn more. Five stars !!

Rescue Runts Shepherd from KD Kids (3-up, $ 19.99) is another plush toy that teaches children about the positive effects made through pet adoption. Each dog is equipped with accessories such as brushes, collars and towels. Our third grade examiner likes this toy because he can “fix it” and make it look good.

Jooki by Muuse Labs (3-up, $ 199) is a smart music player for kids, and while our testers love bright colors and enjoy pre-loaded songs, they are frustrated because their father can’t download their music choices alone without elementary school. memory card. In fact, he was disappointed that something expensive was not ready to play with basic abilities. One song they listened to in a long-lasting boombox has an amazing sound. Parents can also record and send messages through the application, but again need to buy an SD card.

Pop-Oh-Ver Deluxe Kitchen Counter Top (3-up, $ 39.95) from Kangaroo Manufacturing is a canvas that changes the standard seat into a kitchen or stove playset. The design is to fit the seat, but our toy testers have difficulty doing it and are stuck when trying to do it, so adult supervision is definitely needed. Other reviews about the toy have been circulating, which made him win several major awards including Oppenheim Toy Porfolio Gold, Tillwig Best Creative Fun and Seal of Approved National Parenting Center. Our toy testers also try kitchen toys: Pop-Oh-Ver Pots & Pans (3-up, $ 23.95), Chef Set (3-up, $ 24) and Plush Pretend Food Set (3-up, $ 17, 99). Preschoolers love pots and pans made of real metal and the weight of mock food, which makes it more real. One suggestion: Make the chef take out cotton to make it easier to clean.

STEM Jr. Tornadoes from Little Tikes (3-up, $ 26.99) were tested by a group of kindergarten children who liked purple levers but were bored with the initial experiments. Their teacher said that they continued to make other experiments. They also think tornadoes can be bigger.

The Growing School Crystal School Kit by The Magic School Bus (3-up, $ 40.99) was a big hit with our second-class toy testers and their teacher, who called it an “extraordinary science kit.” Children love that everything they need is in the box. It’s nice for kids to ask if there is a bigger version so they can do more experiments.

3Doodler Start: Create your own HEXBUG creature (3-up, $ 59.99) is a cool kit for creative kids. Just insert a plastic color tube into a pen and scribble to make insect body parts for HEXBUGS that come in the kit. Five stars !! STEM toys.

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