Ford Raptor Truck For Sale, Review: 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor – The Only Performance Pickup Truck

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Ford Raptor Truck For Sale – Pick-up trucks are usually not considered in the same category as, say, high-performance sports cars. Sports cars should go very fast on the track – that’s what is considered a good performance. The performance of pickup trucks is usually measured differently. Instead of the time needed to run around a track, it is measured in pounds of pull or cargo.

There is only one truck that measures its performance in the same way as a sports car. And it can measure performance either on the road or off the road. The Ford Raptor began as the SVT Raptor in 2009 as a special off-road version of the F-150. Initially it came with the same 5.4-L or 6.2-L V8 as every other Ford pickup, but the Raptor was given a big Fox Racing surprise and a 35-inch tire to handle off-road was better than the previous full-size pickup.

Ford Raptor Truck For Sale

And truck fans love it. Sales were far better than Ford anticipated, and the truck even began to be upgraded by tune garages like Hennessey and Shelby.

The SVT Raptor will remain on sale for 5 years before Ford finally pulls the plug, much to the disappointment of the pickup market. But two years later they brought the truck back with the latest generation F-150. And what they brought shocked the world

Instead of a large V8 engine like almost all pickups on the market, the new Raptor has a machine that is more suitable for expensive mid-engine supercars: the 3.5-L twin-turbo EcoBoost V8. Incidentally, the tuned version of the same engine will indeed find its way to the Ford mid-engine supercar, GT, which has more power than what was found in the Raptor.

People are shocked. The full size pickup has a V8 engine and that is the end. Puritans are skeptical – that is, until they enter the new Raptor to see what they can do.

What it can do is something other pickup trucks have never done.

Zero to sixty is done in under 6 seconds thanks to 450 hp, which is 39 more than the previous model. Even better, the Raptor has 510 lb-ft of torque, making you really feel the power at every stage of acceleration.

Mated to the 3.5-L EcoBoost is Ford’s new 10-speed automatic transmission, which, although very fuel efficient, is barely strong enough to handle the power of the Raptor.

The Raptor maintains big Fox Racing shocks, but the 2019 model has new Live Valve technology. Basically an adaptive suspension, Live Valve shocks are now reading throttle, braking, and steering to determine how the system must react. It even has a sensor to determine if the truck is in the air and set the struts to full rigidity to absorb the landing.

Not many trucks need to worry about airing.

Although the Raptor is designed to go as fast as possible on the road, in 2019 it can also slow it down with the new Trail Control feature. Just like the Toyota Crawl Control, Trail Control just like off-road roaming controls. This allows the driver to set a slow constant speed without having to keep their feet on the gas and allow them to focus on avoiding obstacles. The available 360-degree camera also helps low speed maneuvers.

On the outside, the Raptor gets a slip plate to protect its smooth interior, the location of twin tow hooks on the front and rear bumpers, and LED lights with rain light wipers. And of course, there is a large bed in the back to store whatever you want to carry.

The inside of the Raptor is almost the same as the mid-level F-150, which is not impressive at all. Basically, the Raptor is equipped with important things: single zone air conditioning, adjustable 8-way power driver seat, automatic dimming rear view mirror, and Wifi hotspot. The 8-inch infotainment in the center dash looks completely out of date, but at least it is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard.

However, a Raptor can be easily upgraded to have whatever fancy technology you want. Adaptive roaming controls with stop-and-go and lane keeping are only a one-time distance from the equipment package, as do side mirrors with automatic dimming and two-zone climate control. Heated and ventilated seats are another improvement, unless you choose a new Recaro bucket seat with Alcantara trim.

With a base price of $ 52,855, Ford does an excellent job of keeping the Raptor affordable, though adding all available technology and some convenience features will easily get you beyond $ 70,000. Add some personalization and maybe to reach further.

So the Raptor isn’t exactly cheap, even for pickup. But speaking without even a hint of hyperbole, the Raptor is in its own class. There were no other pickup trucks from Ram or Chevrolet approaching. You can get the Silverado LT Trail Boss, but you will drop 100 hp. Ram Limited has some really impressive on-road performance, but it still can’t be compared to a Raptor for power.

It seems that the Raptor will remain the only performance puller available for the foreseeable future. At the very least, until the electricity revolution sweeps it away, but it won’t come as soon as 2020.

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