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OLD GMC TRUCKS FOR SALE – Image via www.classictruckcentral.com

Old Gmc Trucks For Sale – The San Jacinto Valley Cemetery District carries out several auctions for classic vehicles and antiques and other collections on the government surplus online auction site GovDeals.com. The Cemetery District has more than forty auctions available to bid now. Included in this auction are three classic trucks, some vintage items such as scooters, gas stations, Old Mystery Marvel Oil Cans, and many other collectibles.

Classic trucks sold include the 1957 GMC Pickup truck, 1957 GMC Dump truck, and 1964 Chevy Wet Truck. The pickup truck has a ZB57PU body type, has 82,000 miles and is listed as running. GMC dump trucks also operate and have 46,000 miles. A registered 44,400-mile flatbed and ZC64FB body type.

Old Gmc Trucks For Sale

Other items sold include the 1965 Vintage Cushman MC Scooter, several GE Vintage refrigerators and ice boxes, and the Vintage Bennett Gas Pump with the Chevron logo, the latter being licensed for use in 1949. A brief description and pictures of all items sold can be found at each auction page.

All auctions are open now. Three trucks and the Bennet Gas Pump for sale were auctioned until December 14, with all other auctions ending on December 7. To see all ongoing auctions from the San Jacinto Cemetery District, visit www.govdeals.com/sanjacintovalleycemetary.

All auctions are open to the public; however, you must be a registered bidder to participate in the auction. Interested buyers can complete their registration easily and for free at www.govdeals.com/Register.

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