Carpet Cleaning Truck For Sale, Toyota HiLux Rogue: Tough truck’s family test

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Carpet Cleaning Truck For Sale – TOYOTA’s cashed HiLux into the best-selling car in Australia, revealing a rugged and street-tough Rogue model equipped with roadside accessories. Our family of four striking – and expensive – HiLux Rogue tests to see if it is a lifestyle that is ready to be claimed.

First impression

Other: Toyota HiLux will be Australia’s best-selling car again. Jules: This isn’t a car, it’s a truck. It should not be counted. Iain: Whatever, HiLux is what people buy, including this new Rogue. Jules: This looks tough with a bad-boy black grille, 18-inch wheels and a sports bar. Not cheap, I accept it?

Carpet Cleaning Truck For Sale

Other: Try $ 61,690 before going on the road. It has the bits that cool kids want. This is based on the flagship HiLux SR5 and you get a leather seat, automatic gearbox and satnav.

J ules: What made this “go Rogue” then?

Other: You get a fixed front bumper and black honeycomb grille, LED fog lights, a gray rear bumper with bigger steps, towball, door handles and a black mirror – and, the big, tonneau cover that is hard on the gas strut.

Jules: Is this supposed to make it more off-roady?

Other: vice versa. For off-roaders there is a tough model with useful things like snorkels, rock rails and recovery points.

Jules: Rogue to show off?

Iain: Yap. Toyota said it was “a luxurious recreation with sports aesthetics”.

Living space

Jules: I like how big double taxis are inside; You don’t run out of space.

Other: The heated leather front seat is very comfortable but still feels like a work truck even though it’s a $ 60K-plus tag. There are lots of hard plastic and some black bit Rogue tokens.

Jules: When will Toyota get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto? The seven-inch touch screen feels small and its functionality is a way out of rivals.

Iain: Toyota said soon but no date. You get a CD player as compensation.

Jules: CD? Cashing in millennial trade will love such sophisticated items.

Other: This cool has a keyless entry and push-button start but there is no digital speedo.


Jules: Is it just me or does HiLux not feel as fast as other utes?

Iain: Some rivals have more power and torque. The Rogue’s is more than 100kg heavier than normal HiLux SR5, dwarfing its performance further.

Jules: The diesel engine is impressively calm and sailing well on smooth roads.

Other: Mischievous buyers can feel disadvantaged because there is no shock in power, but yes, the engine is a good thing.

Jules: It makes me feel sick when passing a bump. This is a rocking thing.

Iain: Right. Rear leaf springs and no load in the tray means a lot of pogoing.


Jules: Maneuvering a double taxi is a nightmare. I have to park with two empty spaces around me. That’s big.

Other: Positive, lockable hard cover means you can store many tools, equipment, and items safely.

Jules: I still store groceries in the rear footwell. If the shopping bag moves, you have to climb the tray to pick it up from behind.

Iain: This is a big rig but it has amazing vision when you sit very high. Rear camera is needed for reverse parking.


Jules: This is a very good weekend getaway. Under tons of hardness there are really interesting quality carpets.

Other: These are marine, UV and water-resistant rugs. Ideal for throwing wet gear after weekends camping and jet skiing.

Jules: You will definitely see Rogues with an attractive lake boat or jet ski rather than off-road. Or, destroy that thought, at work.

Other: This will boost 3200kg with automatic gearboxes but is also truly talented off-road. I have tested SR5 on mountains and in soft, deep sand. This is amazing, both in the low and high range.

Jules: But you have to behave better on the road. It’s very wallowing and the tires squeak around the corner.

Iain: It has an old-school ute handling. You need a new luxury Mercedes double cabin for better on-road talent. The cost is almost the same.


Jules: Lots of space behind for children’s car seats and you can fit adults between them. It was incredible.

Other: Fortunately there is an air vent at the back, which is needed by children to ward off nausea with the soaring journey.

Jules: It feels more in line with a few hundred kilograms of Ikea furniture and then logs behind.

Other: Children’s bikes enter the tray easily and the hardtop closes the fine. For such a task, HiLux is brilliant.

Jules: I feel guilty about getting dirty carpets in the bath but to clean dirty items can be removed from the velcro easily.

Iain: On a family basis, the economy is acceptable – we are back at 9.3L / 100km – but six-month service is a painful thing.

Jules: There are lots of airbags but Rogue doesn’t have advanced security technology like autonomous emergency braking. Not good for family work.


Iain: The Rogue is a handsome thing. If I am a tradie cashed-up, it would be ideal for trips to the snow, mountain biking or jet skiing. It’s just not as bad as a bad kid, like, say, the Raptor Ford Ranger. They are $ 75,000.

Jules: For weekends, I like the two-cabin car and the Rogue is quite tough. But that must be the second car. It’s too complicated, rocky and expensive for everyday tasks.

Toyota HiLux Rogue is vital

Price: $ 61,690 plus on-road

Warranty / service: 3 years / 100,000 km; $ 1440 for 3 years / 60,000 km

Safety: 5 stars, 7 airbags, rear camera, trailer shake control

Engine: 2.8 liter 4-cylinder turbo diesel, 130kW / 450Nm

Thirsty: 8.5L / 100km

Spare: full size

Cargo: 826kg

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