Chevy S10 Pickup Truck, Get A Quick Chevrolet S10 History Lesson

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Chevy S10 Pickup Truck – Slip into Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, and you’ll find out how big the middle pickup truck is today. They are spacious with the performance of a serious pickup truck, biting their bigger, stronger heels – full size – stable.

But before Colorado and Canyon, there were Chevrolet S10 and GMC Sonoma, two compact pickups from Chevy and GMC. But they disappeared in 2004 with sales down because consumers opted for full-size offerings, which have increased significantly both in comfort and efficiency. Replacing them is greater Colorado and Canyon.

Chevy S10 Pickup Truck

While their deaths occurred almost 15 years ago, the predecessor to the Chevrolet S10 and Sonoma began life as Isuzu which had been torn down decades before that. Chevy slapped the bowtie on the front and called it LUV – short for light utility vehicles. It happened in the early 1970s, and it was the predecessor of the S10, which debuted in 1982. Greater than the LUV replaced; However, it still falls into the compact truck category.

The video, another short Up To Speed ​​from Donut Media, provides a deep experience in the famous history of the S10, even touching the famous GMC Sonoma and Syclone – a Ferrari pickup truck that stomps with a turbocharged V6 that makes 280 horsepower, sending hard workers from zero to 60 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds. Today seems slow, but in the early 1990s, that was the level of supercar performance.

This video also touches several S10 iconic offers, such as S10 Baja, Top Gun, and others. Steel is an animal from off-road vehicles, with slip plates, special bumpers, aggressive appearance, and off-road suspension settings. It was a true king of off-road long before the Ford F-150 Raptor strolled to the scene.

Looking back, the S10, Sonoma, and other compact pickup trucks are an oddity. They are small but versatile vehicles that raise loyal followers, if small. Trucks today are huge compared to 30 years ago. Chevrolet S10 and Sonoma GMC are relics of the past. Small trucks are unlikely to happen again.

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