Matte Black Truck Wheels, New red Tesla Semi electric truck prototype spotted in the wild

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Matte Black Truck Wheels – We only saw two Tesla Semi electric truck prototypes since it was launched more than a year ago, but now there seems to be a third or at least modified because Tesla Semi red is seen in the wild. In November 2017, Tesla launched two different electric truck prototypes: a silver semi truck with a wheel cover and aero and a rougher matte black prototype.

The first has been publicly seen during the past year as part of the Tesla Semi development program, but we haven’t seen a black prototype for months after Tesla Semi began its first cargo journey with a battery package from Gigafactory 1 to the Fremont factory.

Matte Black Truck Wheels

The Tesla Semi black prototype finally reappeared earlier this month.

Now Reddit u / real_spicy_tuna users have seen what could be the new Tesla Semi prototype on the 405 highway in Los Angeles today:

The vehicle appears to have a short configuration over the same as the black matte prototype that has recently reappeared and has a different wheel design than the silver prototype.

Both new vehicles with the same configuration or Tesla do paint work with existing prototypes.

After Tesla revealed the semi truck price of its electricity last year, we learned that the regular production version for the 300-mile and 500-mile range would be $ 150,000 and $ 180,000 respectively, while the company also registered the ‘Founders Series’ version for $ 200,000.

But after a year in development, Musk said that he hoped that the production version could be more efficient with a range closer to 600 miles.

Tesla initially said that it aims to bring electric trucks to production in 2019, but it has been more than a year ago and the company hasn’t updated the timeline ever since.

Electrek’s Take
I have a feeling that this is a matte black prototype, but it can be an updated version.

The black matte prototype was seen driving from the Bay Area to Los Angeles just a few weeks ago and now we see the same version but in a red pop up in Los Angeles.

I doubt it’s a coincidence, but Tesla Semi is still in its development program and it wouldn’t be surprising if Tesla improved the prototype with new components and only used the same chassis.

They can give it a new paint job to mark the fact that this is a new / more advanced prototype version.

what do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.

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