Hercules Truck Tires, Collapsible Hand Truck – Does it Really Make a Difference?

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Hercules Truck Tires – Every warehouse needs as much space as possible. The whole purpose of the warehouse is to store inventory very efficiently. Even the smallest operations must utilize every square inch of space, not only for their inventory but also for material transfer equipment. With inventory being constantly brought in and out and moved from one place to another, efficiency can be difficult to achieve but doing so saves money.

One way to increase space and efficiency at the same time is to use a foldable hand truck. These powerful working horses can move heavy loads throughout the day and when it comes to storage, they can fit into the smallest places and that can make a big difference in efficiency that can save you money.

Hercules Truck Tires

What makes the small horses that save this place go into small places? For one collapsed handle cut the height in half. This alone allows you to store the cart under the lowest pallet rack. The nose is also folded, making the cart much narrower.

Can this space saver be resistant to abuse? Yes they can. Built of fourteen pipe gauges gave these handcarts the power of Hercules. Most of them also do not include hinges or joints which reduce stress points. With a maximum workload of five hundred pounds, they can move a lot of material quickly.

Perhaps the best place to use hand trucks that can be folded is by delivery vehicle. These vehicles are tightly packed and require every inch of backup they can get. Each driver will need a hand train and a foldable hand truck will fit the bill.

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