Fire Truck Decor, The Three Brands of Fire Truck Toddler Beds

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Fire Truck Decor – The toddler bed fire truck model has always been a popular choice among boys. This spurred their imagination and gave reasons to leave the cradle. So, if you have a boy who moves to bed, you will not be wrong if you choose a fire truck bed in bright red.

On the market today, there are three popular brands that sell fire truck beds. Each is unique in design and built with different materials. Depending on your budget and design preferences, you must be able to choose one that suits your needs.

Fire Truck Decor

Step2 Fire Engine Toddler Bed

The first toddler firefighting bed model is by Step2. This model is very popular among parents and on Amazon, this item enjoys a 4.5 star rating. This is because most parents find the beds easy to assemble and sturdy. It is built using durable plastic and has a night light siren with an automatic die feature.

Toddler firefighting bed Step2 has a dashboard with details like steering wheel and radio. To complete the look, a sticker is provided to decorate the bed, making it less plain. Unlike other toddler beds, this model has a friendly look with big eyes on the front lights. If you don’t like the bed with a clear angle, this bed must meet your needs because the edges are round.

Just Kids Fire Truck Toddler Bed Stuff

This model is a little expensive but is built firmly using laminated and imported Baltic birch wood. If you are thinking of using a bed for more than one child, the bed for the toddler Just Kids Stuff fire truck should be a safe bet.

However, this bed may not be as popular as not only because the price is relatively more expensive but the design is not as attractive as this. Very stylish, making it very similar to a box. But if quality is what you are looking for, this model might be able to meet your needs.

Kidkraft Toddler Beds Fire Truck

Of the three, the toddler bed of the Kidkraft fire truck is the cheapest. Made of medium density fiberboard (MDF), it has a storage compartment at the front end. The protective rail is designed as a ladder, giving the appearance of a fire truck to the bed.

One advantage of this Kidkraft model is that you can buy bedroom furniture that matches the bed to decorate your child’s room. For example, you can have a clothing pole, a step bench that functions as a toy toy or a small table and chairs to make a room like a small fire station. If your goals are fun and play, the Kidkraft brand gives you that option.

Bed Costs

If you have a limited budget and can’t afford to spend too much, then you should look at the toddler bed of the Kidkraft fire truck. The average retail price for this model is around $ 130 but you can get it at a cheaper price in some online stores. Relatively, the other two models will cost around $ 100 more.

Do you have to spend more than $ 100 and consider the other two models of toddler beds will depend on your preference for the type of material used for the construction of the bed and of course, the appeal of the design. Every bed has its own advantages and disadvantages and you must weigh them according to your preferences and situation when deciding to buy.

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