Used Trucks Jackson Ms, Walmart’s trucking fleet used to be as selective as Harvard, but a truck driver shortage has changed how Walmart hires

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Used Trucks Jackson Ms – Being a Walmart truck driver is not easy – but the results are serious. Walmart truck drivers averaged $ 86,000 in their first year, compared to the national average income for truck drivers of $ 44,500. They also qualify for three-week leave in the first year and quarterly bonuses for safe driving. Walmart truck drivers spend two days a week at home – rarely in industries where many say they have gone weeks without seeing their families.

So, it makes sense that the application process is very strict. As Julie La Roche reports in today’s Yahoo Finance article, driver-wannabe must go through “one and complete” tests after they apply and fulfill the basic requirements. The test consists of pre-trip, backing exercises, and road tests. A driver who fails the test section will boot from the process and must wait one year before registering again. As a result, Yahoo Finance reported that only about 5% -10% of drivers who successfully passed the trial portion – the same level of acceptance as Harvard University.

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Now, Walmart says truck drivers undergo a little more than three days trial process in which Walmart observes drivers, teaches them new skills, and then sees how potential employees increase.

Walmart told Business Insider that the graduation rate is now up to 80%.

Industrial pressure has loosened ‘one and completed’ Walmart
The lack of trucking power this year has raised the price of everything from toothpaste to Amazon Prime and driven by one of the most significant truck driver wages that has improved the industry seen in decades.

Many trucking companies have failed in their efforts to become staff. An executive said he began offering a $ 20,000 bonus, but that still didn’t attract good candidates.

The reason for the deficiency is complex. The economy is growing rapidly this year, so there are only more items to maintain to meet increasing consumer demand.

Low unemployment means other industries, especially construction and energy, have attracted blue-collar types of workers who usually go driving trucks, according to Mark Montague, senior industry price analyst at DAT Solutions. These jobs have better wages without the challenges of trucking, and employees can go home every night.

Even Walmart, the world creme de la creme truck, has a problem finding a truck driver this year. In the fall, the company ran its first national television advertising campaign to recruit more drivers, shorten the duration of the orientation process, and began offering referral bonuses of up to $ 1,500. All said, Bloomberg reported that Walmart doubled its spending to recruit drivers.

And it paid off. Yahoo Finance reports that Walmart recruited around 1,400 new drivers this year, compared to 922 in 2017.

That’s thanks in large part to dropping punitive “one and finish” tests. People like Eric Ramsdell, an Arizona-based Walmart driver who has been with the company for 14 years, spent more than three years trying to get the appearance of a Walmart truck.

He told Yahoo Finance that the new recruitment process was not a training school, but potential Walmart truck drivers learned a lot during that time.
“The driver who drove for 37 years told me that he learned more in three days than 37 years,” Ramsdell told Yahoo Finance. “I gave him some pointers. It’s amazing how different points of view and giving constructive feedback go a long way.”

Are you a truck driver for Walmart? Have you transported goods to Walmart while working at a third-party trucking company? Contact the reporter at [email protected]

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