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Truck Tire Tubes – No one can deny that one of the most problematic problems or equipment for Modern Day Trucks is the tires. Even something really needs to be done. Too often Truck drivers suffer explosive damage, are stuck on the side of the road for hours – sometimes in very dangerous places too.

“One major problem with trucks is the tires!”

Indeed this is one of the opening remarks when our Online Think Tank addresses the best ways to overcome tire challenges in the trucking industry. It is known that tires are not a serious consideration in trucking. Of course they are a very big factor. Nathalie Fiset explained the problem of exploding truck tires that caused debris to fly on the highway;

Truck Tire Tubes

“So, you often have to drive on a highway to avoid a tire truck that explodes because it is made of recycled material. Another problem is the pollution. If you can make truck tires that will not leave dangerous debris on the road and will be 100% biodegradable, you will be my hero! ”

Indeed and because everyone wants to be our hero T-5 Group (The Tank Think Tank Team) considers this a challenge. Most of our conversations initially centered on how to make tires better and what materials to use to make them stronger. It can be understood that making tires from carbon nanotubes can be done and will never be totally destroyed, because the tires can be repaired through frequency manipulation and carbon nanotubes will straighten again.

It is even estimated that they will do it automatically after being stabbed, but with what? What can make it through Carbon Nano-Tubes? Maybe bullets or Spike from driving out the wrong way from a paid parking lot? Maybe that is also impossible.

But if that happens then the nano carbon tube will reconfigure most likely. Oh, that’s how the industry re-treads and no old tires fill the wreckage yard or become a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes or burn and burn forever. Unfortunately, is there a big problem for all this? And that is a tire which will then be stronger than the road itself.

Therefore all roads will require several layers of carbon nanotubes to protect them from super strong tires. At T-5, group members noted that the road could be negatively charged and remove CO2 from the air and take carbon and use ion-pull to add it to the road as an additional surface.

A path that reopens itself and as funny as this sounds, the theory survives and is possible by applying some simple tricks of chemistry and physics. So you continue to drive trucks and we will continue to think and we hope to meet you on the road ahead.

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