Fire Truck Shirt, Of Tricks and Trucks – A Halloween Tale

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Fire Truck Shirt – For us, Halloween is here. Some parents are worried about tomorrow night, which is really Halloween night. We have been told, “Tomorrow night you will not leave this house.” The story is the same as all of us. There are conspiracies among old people. They remember it to ruin our tricks, but our plans have been made, and we have considered what our people said.

We will do our tricks tonight, the night before Halloween and forget about tomorrow night’s gift. Our plan is that we all get out of the house as soon as possible after dinner. If your parents raise suspicion, then you have to sneak before dinner. After all, what food is missed when Halloween fun starts soon?

Fire Truck Shirt

Just before dinner, Wizzer gave us a signal and then shouted at me from outside the kitchen door like we planned. Mother could never say no to Wizzer. I have never told Wizzer about this, but one day I heard Mother say that she felt sorry for her, what happened to her with the changes in her life and so on. It’s not my intention to spy on him. This special conversation was heard in one of the gabfests with his friend Julia. I’m just trying to do what I’ve been trying to do without luck at all as long as I can remember. Namely, seeing Mrs. Wetzel falls asleep and does something that requires attention and attention. Just now, they pitted and peeled the peaches and prepared them for canning.

Mama said to Mrs. Wetzel, “Julia, I really feel sorry for Donnie McDermott, what with him being a baby of change of life and all and not having brothers or sisters to grow up. Well, you must think they will.” I have been more careful. “That must confuse me. How can someone not be careful about getting a baby. I certainly wish they were careful when they got me. A man can get hurt if his parents are not careful about what they do.

Julia’s only answer to Mother was, “Ahem, Ahem.” I mean, he agrees with Mother. Maybe he and maybe not. There is no way to know for sure, what about him sleeping like him. He continued to peel the peach while nodding and snoring a little at any time.

I, I think Wizzer is the luckiest man in the world, with no brothers and sisters around to pick him up and none of the younger ones bothered him.

“Mom, Wizzer is outside waiting for me. I’ll leave for a while.” I am not waiting for the answer. I just left.

“We will meet other people in the hut,” Wizzer said when I contacted him. “We have to discuss the plan again and make sure we don’t leave anything behind.”

“How many people do you think can get out tonight?” I asked him when we came to our hut. “It’s not even dark yet, so we have plenty of time to finish everything done tonight and put it in our plan.” Wizzer was only worried that one part of our plan was going right.

“If we don’t do anything done tonight, we have to go to Mr. Casey’s cement house,” Wizzer told me. “That is the number one thing we have to do. We must get rid of the stubbornness of that person, even if we do nothing but do it.”

“Wiz, you have been struggling with the latrine for two or three weeks. I know it’s important for all of us that we have to leave the house, but you don’t mention anything else in our planned ‘meeting’ unless the latrine arrives I’m sick of hearing about that damn toilet. If I hear even one more word about it, I won’t have anything else to do with a particular job. And one more thing I Gittin ‘hurts about is that you didn’t tell us what you plan from toilet paper. ”

“You’re not angry with anyone who pleases you. Squirt. I didn’t tell anyone about your plan from toilet paper until the time came. I will tell you this, why didn’t I tell you? Everyone youns. That’s because maybe some people will come out, “Wizzer told me. It makes me come back on my heels!

“Wow, that’s really stupid if you don’t know. If people know what you’re saying, they might hit you from a gang. You call them chickens, and me while you ‘You already know, you know that problem not true. ”

“Ah, come on, squirt. I never meant it like that, n ‘you know that! Jist keep your clothes longer, then you will see. Now let’s go. We have the things we have to do.” We entered to our hut and straighten out some things and hide some of the things that really belong to us. It’s okay for them to see some of our items, but some of the other things we have are Wizzer’s and mine’s. Shortly after, before we started hearing our signal, two short whistles, we answered, and Smasher and Joker entered the hut. Tweet! Tweet! Our signal was heard again and Smokey entered the hut. That is a good crew that we have now, even if no one else shows up. Two more whistles were heard. Little Eyetie and No Nickname appear. It’s not difficult to know how Little Eyetie got her grip. He is Italian. There is no new Nick family in town. The first time he met and someone asked him what his nickname was, he replied, “I don’t have.” Smokey ventured and gave him one at a time; Not Nick, it’s jammed, and it seems like he doesn’t mind

Wizzer spoke up and said, “The meeting here was called and you all do not know why. The first order of business is the overthrow of the cement house of Mr. Casey. He is a person who throws challenges at us by constructing latrines with cement instead of wood like proper latrines. If we attack in its place immediately after dark, we will finish it before he expects us and then we all leave, having fun with those who really need to be rebuilt, you all know how easy wooden houses are to encourage, especially those who need them Smasher, do you want to fill them with what we planned to do with Mr. Place Casey? ”

“Children, I got two six-foot stones from the mine, and never cared how I got them,” Smasher laughed. “The plan is this. Six of us will be the main attack force in the toilet and the seventh will be in front of the house creating a commotion to make Mr. Casey out there. There is a joint gap around the base of the toilet. Me n ‘Wizzer reads it and we connect the point “Point from them with steel stone blocks to the gap. With six of us leaning our shoulders into the bars, we have to be able to turn it around,” Smasher said. “Nonick, you were chosen as a distraction and there is no point in arguing about that. You will get initiation about how to push out the latrine when we do the second.” Smasher then began to read the names of houses that needed to be rebuilt. The list is good and we are all satisfied with it.

“After the latrine is finished, Wizzer has a plan with toilet paper,” Smokey said. “I know! I know! He didn’t say a word about his plan and we all wanted to see what it was. I told you this, Wizzer. It’s better a good trick, because if not, the last trick we’ll pull tonight is throw you into the duck pond. “Wizzer didn’t even stare. The plan must be really good.

“It’s dark, man. I’d better turn on the kerosene lantern,” said Wizzer, “I told Mom we were going here in the hut. He saw the light when it was lit here. When we sneak out of here, we will let the lantern catch fire, then he will think that we are still here. ”

“It’s time to go. Has everyone finished the plan?” Smasher asked. We all gave him a thumbs up. We are ready to go.

Smokey and I are two of our first hiding places. We are official scouts for tonight’s work. Tweet! Tweet! We signal to other gang members that the beach is clean. Other people followed us out of the hut. Wizzer is the last to slip out. He will sacrifice himself if his father appears. We don’t need to worry. We all slipped out of the hut, slipped on the path past the duck pond and headed for our meeting place with Mr. Casey as we planned. On the way, we plan to stop in a small boned pile and cover our faces with coal dung. Our other clothes are all dark in color. They have been chosen primarily for tonight’s work. Camouflage is one of our specialties, and it is very fun to make your face dirty and smudged with coal dirt. We all laughed and joked while we smeared the coal dirt on each other’s faces.

With that, we all became serious. It must be done or die from now on. Smokey, who was out looking in front of us, whistling softly. Difficulty? We will wait. Ten minutes passed. Two soft whistles lifted the ditch in the night air to where we all waited. We sneak into the ditch under the alley where Smokey is waiting for us. “The beach is clear,” he whispered when we got there. “The sister was used twice when I was here. Must be Mr. Casey and Mrs.. I really hope we can do this work when old Casey is there on his throne.”

“The plan is now officially in the fellahs operation. Nonick, you won’t make a scene. When we hear old Casey raising Cain, we will do the work done here.” Smasher whispers. Soon we could hear the old Casey shouting to his wife to bring something to clean his shoes. Nonick did his job, and he did it the right way. Casey’s shout told us that Nonick had done a paper bag and trick and he did it well. That is our signal to act. We can laugh at it later.

Smokey and Smasher each grabbed a stone rod and climbed a ravine, crossed the alley, and passed Casey’s fence, we left, more slippery than sled on ice. Clinking! Clinking! They put stones in a gap in the bottom of the toilet. “Push a friend!” Smasher snorted, cheering us up. Crunch! The cement toilet collapsed as you wish. We ran, but not far away.

“Friend! Wait!” That’s Wizzer. He had tripped on the edge of the cement and fell into the toilet hole. We have gore the bull, but now the bull has one of us on his horn. There is no point in getting silent now. Wizzer makes enough sound to wake up all spirits and wake them up for tomorrow night. Wizzer splashed and stammered trying his best to crawl out of the hole. All he got for his efforts was to emit a scent that made us all carried away by the wind, and none of us would help Wizzer get out of the hole.

Smokey saved the day. He grabbed one of Casey Casey’s clothesline aids and stuck the fork out and yelled at Wizzer, “Take this!” We were all interesting and Wizzer emerged from the hole as if he was oiled. “Now, run like a demon that is a chasin ‘huh!” Smokey shouted.

And run we do. Climb the alley, past a reinforced trash can, and get to the duck pond. Wizzer didn’t even stop at that time. He ran straight to the duck pond, into the water and disappeared. He goes right above his head. When he surfaced, he shouted, “Someone give me soap!” I ran to the hut and took a bar of laundry soap. While I was there, I took some of the dry clothes that we had stored there. When I returned, Wizzer stood kneeling in the water. He is naked. I certainly wasn’t fast enough with soap. He grabbed and filled his hand with black mud from the edge of the pool and rubbed it himself.

“Give me that soap fast,” he shivered. “I’ll be really good, then run to the hut.” He began to wash himself with the yellow laundry soap until I thought his skin would come loose. “Squirt, come on! Go now and don’t fight in the courtyard on the big stove in the hut. Get a good fire. I freeze! As soon as I finish rubbing, I’ll come running to the hut. I won’t wear them until I dry, so don’t until someone gets in the way. “I ran to the hut and lit a fire. We always keep dry twigs for emergencies. This must be one, if ever. There was no time at all until the Wizzer came in, blue lips and naked. He climbed the stove with his hands held behind his back to cover his buttocks. Good thing they are there. He stepped too close to the stove and burned his hand. The back is just as empty. It’s much easier to explain the burning hand than the burning behind.

When Wizzer dried up, he wore dry clothes, turned to us, laughed, and said, “Come on, guys, let’s go cheat.” The pure Wizzer head is set to finish the job tonight.

“Are you going to show us the trick with toilet paper now?” Smokey asked.

“Yep, the promise of the shower promised to me. I already have it,” Wizzer told us all. He laughed at that moment, evil laughter.

“Friend, for this trick to work, we have to go to the edge of town. It’s too dangerous for us to do it in the city.”

We left later, we all didn’t want to miss anything. Wizzer leads because this is the show, and he has chosen the place for the trick. We are still in the dark about tricks when we reach the place that the Wizzer chose. We stood at the foot of a hill that stretched from the trash to the city and to the drinking water. Reinforced landfills are where mines throw stones, bones, and soil from coal flowing through shakers. The truck transports these waste stones and items from the tipple to the trash.

“Here’s the plan. When the reinforced truck goes past us to go up the hill and the stacked garbage can loads, we will tie toilet paper across the road. When he comes back down the hill, he will go.” Like bats, insects. There’s no way he can stop on time, “Wizzer told us. Wizzer warned us all to hide in the forest a good piece so the truck drivers couldn’t see us. We all did it and it wasn’t long before the reinforced truck dragged its load up the hill to the place As soon as we passed and we felt safe to do so, we hung toilet paper across the street, ran back to the forest and waited. The boned truck flew back to the road to the city. He had dumped the cargo and made a path back to the mine for cargo. Others pay him to make a trail because he is paid for the amount of cargo he is carrying Screeeeaaach! The truck driver stomps on the brakes We know that he has seen the newspaper and does not know what it is He cannot stop, When he stops, he runs back, and when he saw what it was, toilet paper, I learned a few new invective words.

“I know you hooligans are in the forest. Get out now and you won’t get into trouble. Otherwise, all of you will end up in jail,” he shouted. Does he think he’s joking? None of us sucked titty bottles for some time. He did nothing now, but lost money by standing in front of us and he knew that. Still cursing, he crawled back to his truck and galloped away down the road to the city with an engine roar. It’s safe for us to laugh now and we embarrass hyenas.

“Let’s do it again,” Nonick laughed. “I’m really glad my family moved to this city. There’s no fun at all in the city where we come from. I want to assemble newspapers this time.”

“Of course, Nonick, it’s time you do something in your own way. This is one of our rules. Before you become a native son, so to speak, you have to do something yourself with yourself,” Smokey told him.

It wasn’t long before the reinforced truck came back up the hill towards the reinforced dumping ground carrying a full load. When it passed us and everything seemed safe, Nonick slipped into the street and began to arrange the paper again. He did a good job, it was the first time and all. We did not have to wait long before the truck dumped the cargo and started down the hill towards the city. This time he is even faster than bats chasing bugs. No more mistake. The truck motorbike roared. The truck never slows down. The truck ripped the toilet paper without whispering.

Wizzer laughed and said, “Friend, there is a driver who thinks he has got our number. Well, I have a surprise for him. Come on. While he starts loading again, we will get some of them binding trains.” there on the side of the road and bring it here. ”

“What will we do with the train ties?” Joker asked. “This is the way here. It is not a railroad and it is certain.”

“You don’t need to wait,” Wizzer told him and us too. “Let’s let go of the ties, then I’ll show you what to do with them. They must be black.” We all went to the sidetrack and brought along the tie Wizzer had chosen. We all must be stupid. None of us knew what Wizzer was planning.

The reinforced truck came up the road again. When he passed us, someone took toilet paper. “Take the ties. They go in the middle of the road too. This time, when he comes flying on the road, he won’t stop from toilet paper. I bet you people that the train ties here will stop him though.” Wizzer is a true genius. T. old Edison’s light bulb lights up all our heads now. It’s astonishing that the forest around us doesn’t burn as bright as a day from the light that should illuminate all our ears.

“When he returns this time, we better be on the track where the running track is easier. And when you run, don’t run to the city.” It was Wizzer who gave us a direct answer. The paper is installed and the bond is attached.

We all rode the train to wait for the truck to fly back to the road. We are all nervous. This will be a few tricks if successful. We are waiting. We heard the roar as the truck came back down the hill from the trash and the driver pushed the truck for everything that was worth the price. We have never seen it run so fast. We had put the tie behind the toilet paper so he would look at the paper but it wasn’t binding. It works. He did not see the train ties.

Glory! When the truck hits the railroad ties, it must fly ten feet straight up in the air. If you have wings, the truck will take off like an airplane. Clang! Bang! Beating! Crunch! Only there were not enough words to describe the sound of the truck crashing into it. One million sledgehammers banging on it is impossible to make more noise. Kerrunch! It ran to one of the concrete culverts along the road. It stops it properly and correctly.

Now it’s time for us to run. There is nothing more we can do here. On the path we passed, our feet floated. We did not stop until we passed the switch to the main lane. We have run a mile. Inflating and panting like a dog in the summer and laughing right to be tied up, we all tried to talk at once. Smasher spoke, “Boy,” puff, puff “we must” puff, puff “looking for ways” puff, puff “can’t go back to town without getting caught gittin.” Then he ran out of wind.

We all slipped so we sat on the tracks to take a breath again and discuss our strategy on how to return to the city without being seen. That is important. If anyone sees us in the neck of the forest tonight, we will all die.

“Boys, the tracks here are darker than black. They run right around the city. Why don’t we walk along the rails and come to the city from the other side. When we enter even with huts, we relatives slip into the alley. next to Polly the Clamp’s house, then take a shortcut through the page. In the middle of a dark road, and once we enter the hall we will have a pretty good alibi for our existence, “Wizzer told us. That was a sure-fire plan that the Wizzer had. That’s exactly what we did, and it works more slippery than goose oil.

We all sat in the huts and laughed about what happened tonight. We are all clean and some of us may be cleaner than when we started our night work. The door to the hut opens. Wizzer’s father stood looking at us. There was thunder and lightning in his eyes. I am sure we will be attacked. He looks around us all. We all sit there innocent like little babies.

“Are you guys here all night? I’ve watched, and the lantern never goes out,” Mr. McDermott told us.

Before he could get the words out again, Smasher, who was the best spokesman in the world, spoke and said, “Yes, Mr. McDermott. We’ve been here planning our tricks to treat tonight. It’s Halloween, you know” Look here ! We were checking the corn we were throwing to make sure there were no small stones in it that could destroy the wind. “Smasher handed one of the Joker sacks filled with corn to Mr. McDermott. Mr. McDermott had just seen the sack of corn. It was a slippery work from Smasher’s side: If the story he just told Mr. McDermott did not cover our tracks, we would be geese and might take off now and join the flock of ancient birds we saw flying south the other day.

The Smasher story works. Mr. McDermott said, “I am glad I can say that you are here all night. Some of the naughty teenagers are doing dirty business at the edge of town tonight. They are damaging reinforced trucks. Drivers are not” Very sick, but the truck is not good for anything besides garbage, and other people pushed out cement from Mr. Casey at the end of the city. He said one of the boys fell into the hole. I can see and smell that it’s not one of you. It was really useful for him to be so arrogant. He thinks he needs cement from home. Donnie, you go into the house now, and all of you go home, Don. “I plan to do Hallowening tomorrow night. After what happened tonight, the police declared Halloween was illegal this year.”

Wizzer and his father went to their homes, and each of us went to their homes. None of us care if there is Halloween or not this year. After all, we just finished it ourselves.

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