Wheel Lights For Trucks, Should Autonomous Cars Flash Lights for Truck Drivers So They Can Move Back Into The Lane?

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Wheel Lights For Trucks – When trucks pass each other on the highway, it is considered the right protocol to notify drivers who pass when their trucks have cleaned slower trucks so that passing truck drivers can rejoin the slower track. This helps four-wheeled vehicles (ordinary cars) and faster moving traffic because it frees the path to pass. As such, it accelerates along the traffic and makes it safer for passing trucks to know that it has cleaned a slower truck. As a private motorbike coach (on a truck chassis) with a five-wheeled driver, I have extended this courtesy by other large vehicles and commercial truck drivers.

Sometimes a private car will turn on their lights to tell me that I have cleaned a slower car too, maybe they are experienced long-distance riders or truck drivers based on their own profession, both ways to make things easier, more efficient and more safe too.

Wheel Lights For Trucks

Now, because autonomous cars have sensors that tell the speed of artificial intelligent software, and safe distances, these autonomous vehicles must also extend this courtesy and this must be ‘road rules’ for both autonomous cars and trucks. Fortunately, this will not be difficult to implement into an autonomous over-the-road truck or autonomous car software.

As soon as the truck passes and 10 feet per 10 mph passes through an autonomous car, the car system will only turn on the lights. If the truck does not move, it will try once more 2-3 seconds later. If the truck is still not moving above the autonomous car, it has completed its politeness obligations and will only continue the road whether the truck returns to a slower track or not. The only additional need for car equipment will be a small, off-on switch that costs only a few dollars, which will be activated every time such an event occurs.

Furthermore, if all autonomous vehicles report their driving data to the central network, artificial intelligence may determine a more optimal safety distance between vehicles over time. This will have implications and applications in military logistics convoys or for a large number of tractor trailer trucks moving on highways at close range to reduce most wind resistance, thereby reducing drag coefficient and thereby reducing fuel consumption without lowering safety standards.

In the case of two autonomous vehicles that communicate together on one network, the flash signal to rejoin is not necessary because the main vehicle will be requested remotely when it is safe to re-enter the slower path. However, until all of these systems are synchronized, proof of hacking and proven, this flash signal on autonomous transportation is a good, simple and safe feature with very little installation cost; or for other vehicles whether driven by humans or computers to interpret and act. Please consider all this and think about it.

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2.) RAND Corp Report: “Autonomous Vehicles and Federal Security Standards – Exceptions to Regulations?” by Laura Fraade-Blanar and Nidhi Kalra.

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