Snow Cone Food Truck, Gourmet Food Truck Fad Takes Over Southern California Restaurant Scene

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Snow Cone Food Truck – In Southern California, ancient sandwich trucks are being upgraded to mobile restaurants with menus that are as diverse as culture. In the face of chain restaurants and high operational costs, many locally owned snack businesses have disappeared and the catering truck industry has stepped into the gap.

The pace of growth of this new development in the restaurant industry, sometimes, creates conflict in some communities. The Southern California Cellular Food Vendors Association was formed to try to create a set of “best practices” to operate in a changing industry. While rules and regulations are still developing, the popularity of the movement with the general public is not questioned.

Snow Cone Food Truck

One of the many ways this industry has changed is the use of Web sites and Twitter to notify customers of the schedules and locations of their favorite traveling gourmet restaurants. Various truck owners post schedules and menus so that their “followers” can easily plan to meet for their favorite food. The possibilities seem unlimited. From simple grilled cheese to Japanese noodles, there is something for almost all flavors.

The Grilled Cheese Truck – Whether you are looking for simple grilled cheese or something more exotic, this menu has answers to searches. Cheese offerings start with regular American food and continue to thick Brie (on Cranberry Walnut bread) or Gruyere with lots of savory additions and interesting sides.

Barbie’s Q – If your preference is St. John’s ribs. Louis or an interesting pork sandwich, Barbie can provide it along with the traditional side. They even have Burger vegetarian for those who like barbecue but don’t eat meat. Like many other gourmet food trucks, they also serve.

Skewers on Wheels – The choice of non-traditional foods for many Americans, food on skewers is suitable for a variety of textures and flavors. From Shiitake mushrooms or tofu to Hawaiian spam pineapple, skewers can be paired with salads and make complete dishes for all tastes.

TastyMeat – Meat lovers can choose from beef, lamb or chicken in savory sauce; add lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, then wrap in fresh flat bread for a delicious, fast dish.

Kogi – Combine Korean barbecue with Mexican style and you get Spicy Pork Tacos or Short Ribitos and they also haven’t forgotten vegetarian, Tofu comes in a taco or burrito.

Asian Soul Kitchen – For more traditional Asian dishes, try Japanese soul food. Taste Yakisoba, a combination of noodles, vegetables, and flavorful sauces or for more filling food orders. Nijukaga, beef stews, potatoes, and delicious noodles in Bonita broth.

Even ancient ice cream trucks jump to the favorite train, twitter.

Coolhaus – Make an ice cream sandwich to order with your favorite cake and ice cream. Choose from six flavors of cake and fill with more than twenty ice cream of your choice. From traditional vanilla beans to white chocolate macadamia, they make new ice cream sandwiches.

Get Shaved – Shaved ice may sound like another version of “snow cone”, but the resemblance ends with basic ingredients. It’s low in calories (60-70 calories per 8 ounces serving) come in various flavors from Banana to Watermelon.

There are trucks that serve the most every hour, from breakfast to dinner time. Whether you are looking for a Southwestern Omelet or a slice of Pizza, there is a truck out there that is looking for your business. Twitter is the easiest way to track, but many are also on Facebook or have their own website.

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