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Postal Truck For Sale – If you have a car wash business, then you might consider expanding to an automatic car dealer wash. That means going to a car dealer and washing all the cars in the parking lot once or twice per week. This is very easy because all the cars are in a row, and they are all new, and most only have dust on it. Not long ago, I had a discussion with a mobile cleaning contractor who was successful who also washed cars, he asked;

“Right now I have a car wash business for residential and commercial property. I want to expand to a car park business and be very thirsty for insight. I get a duck in a row before I make the first contact at the dealer.” I was told by outside contacts that a large dealer in my area pays $ 2.00 per car. Does it cost once a week? ”

Postal Truck For Sale

Yes, it can be $ 2 per car and twice a week washing, or it can be per car per visit. It’s hard to say, your area is important. For example, in Denver we used to clean all John Elway dealers (45 of them), who are now AutoNation (we had to reduce prices a little when they took over), and we charged two dollars per vehicle because they were so difficult to clean due to bad weather and snow.

Also the ice will form cars so it is very difficult, and all the cars in the front row will scatter by the items they put on the road to clear the ice and dirty water that spurts over them. $ 2 for trucks and SUVs, Hummers, and big cars that are more than fair, we get money from that big time.

In the Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Phoenix and Tucson areas we only charge $ 85 a car and that is actually high because other people charge $ 65 cars. In some cases we compete with Chinese or Vietnamese crews, who have paid very little labor – land wages, other companies run by Mexicans, and they exploit illegal immigrants to work cheaply.

Apparently, they have new immigrants who live six people in our house and they will do all the work. In fact, they will bid a postal contract to clean the post jeep for $ 1.35 each. Prices are very dependent on your market, your competitors, and don’t forget we are out of recession and car sales really aren’t that great except for one month during Cash per Clunkers.

We always recruit students, most athletes who are in good condition, the idea of ​​exploiting labor and doing it in the open in the parking lot, I think it’s evil in many ways, really rotten, I won’t do that. Every now and then I will catch my franchisees doing this because they cannot get the energy to wash the car, and make sure they pay fair wages, because this is a real problem in the car wash industry and frankly it makes me upset.

Always costs as much as you can, but never exploit labor. Always remember there is competition in competing markets to get prices, but not always just about prices, remember also about services and this is a service business. Please think about that.

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