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14 Inch Light Truck Tires – Years ago a truck, well, just a truck. They are hard-working vehicles used to transport goods and start working and nothing more than that. Today the term “light truck” refers to various vehicles including pick-up trucks, SUVs, and vans.

This “light truck” represents about 25% of all vehicles on the road and is considered more than just a “work truck”. In fact, for many people, light trucks are their only main vehicle or source of transportation. Current trends include adding details including special truck wheels to personalize the truck and express the driver’s personality.

14 Inch Light Truck Tires

Style to choose from

Special truck wheels come in various designs and sizes. The average size ranges from 17 inches to 24 inches in diameter and each size in between. When choosing the size you want for your truck, it is a good idea to consider tire costs because “unusual” sizes may be more expensive especially for a truck because tires need to be considered “heavy duty”.

Another consideration for the size of your custom truck wheel is the effect of that size on the overall appearance of the truck. Simple changes like going to the size of a wheel that is slightly smaller or bigger can have a big impact on the look of the truck and the statement that the truck makes your personality. Some people prefer to use two different sizes with slightly smaller wheels at the front and bigger wheels at the back.

Effect and Design

The designs are almost unlimited and range from ultra-shiny chrome spikes to dazzling rhinestones. You can express yourself in various ways with special truck wheels and make your truck the only one. Your truck may have a “forbidden” appearance with silver buttons accented with silver or a “jetsetter” look with chrome accents and polished rhinestone. Maybe you prefer superhero images with spider web designs on wheels that you can take to special paint jobs with Spiderman on the web?

Other special wheels create the optical illusion that the tire rotates backwards and draws the attention of your truck when you are on the road. Your choices are unlimited like your imagination. “Pimping your ride” is as easy as choosing a special truck wheel that compliments your truck and your personality.

Shop for them

Finding special tires lately is very easy. You can get it in most of the most unique tire and wheel stores to be found on the internet at reasonable prices. Many online stores include instruction guides that can be downloaded for free to help you install special truck wheels to save more money.

No longer just an old horse working on agriculture, modern trucks have developed into almost a work of art. Your truck is almost an extension of yourself and people will recognize you while driving on the road with your truck’s unique look.

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