1979 Chevy Truck For Sale, Vintage Cars May Actually Clean the Air

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1979 Chevy Truck For Sale – I spent most of the Labor Day weekend working on my VW. Certainly not the pursuit that will be chosen by many people. But returning it to the road is one of my excessive goals. The next one is solving the novel. Cannot do one without completing another. At least, that’s how my mind works.

The machine re-enters. Cable harness replaced. Tarboard insulation machines are installed. Rust has been painstakingly removed from the floor board and Por-15, rust killer paint, applied. The interior heater hose has been replaced (finally found a way to get it). I thought Super Beetle 1974 had several big weekends before I could bring it to someone to give the final touch to electricity and I could hear it roaring.

1979 Chevy Truck For Sale

Then went to my friend, another class in 1979, in downtown Fresno, California for new paint.

All said, this would be a three or four year project. But we the drivers did what we did. We like this item. I don’t enjoy better than pulling my bug into Madera VW shows and rubbing shoulders with more air-cooled cooling fans.

Really, this car is more carving than a gas burner. NOx and related pollutants derived from dual exhaust have been significantly reduced.

However, that is precisely where many of our vehicles are currently heading. And that might be a good thing for the environment. Economy and regulation will remove most older vehicles on the road that have no support from nostalgic collectors like me to recover and reuse as a backup or show cars.

Reducing emissions

It’s hard to imagine the Ford Excursion being stopped finding many fans like that. Or Pacer AMC. One day, I dreamed of bringing a rocket launcher to a particular model. But Edsel will still be there. Likewise Chevy 1955-57 and a number of others.

In California, truck drivers who have older trucks must buy newer ones or get existing rigs with filters to reduce NOx and particulates. The state law will kick all old rigs without standard 2010. The idea is to get rid of the dirtiest trucks in the next few years.

Semi new heavy duty trucks, with nameplates such as Kenworth, Freightliner, Peterbilt and Volvo, having engines that produce 80 percent less pollutants than many models are now on the road. Their machines are more efficient and far cleaner, which leads to cleaner air in the transportation corridor where they transport most of the nation’s consumer goods, agricultural materials and manufactured products.

The result is clean air

After old trucks retire, gifts in the fresh air, especially in the smoky San Joaquin Valley, will be proof. However, people who have existing trucks do not flock to new and better models. A new truck costs around $ 140,000, the former with a cleaner engine that meets 2007 standards, costs around $ 80,000.

That is big money for independent operators who work for days because they can transport everything from oil to corn. Many of them in California have difficulty paying for their annual Motor Vehicle Department registration, choosing monthly options. And shipping is not guaranteed. Meanwhile, fuel costs rise.

But changes will come. I work with the Proposition 1B program, which helps truck drivers comply with California’s new clean air law. Grants who work with me both provide a grant truck driver to buy a new truck or reconfigure an existing one. Money not only helps truck drivers but also the economy. Dealers also benefit.

Consumers adapt

Truck drivers are not the only driver who faces change. Consumers also have to adapt to changing conditions. Fuel prices and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will prove a stable influence in the years to come.

Back in 2010, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the EPA put pressure on national fuel economy standards based on the Clean Air Act. Regulations, dubbed the Company Average Fuel Economy program, or CAFE, set increasingly stringent fuel economy standards for 2012 to 2016 model vehicles.

The regulation requires car makers to increase fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 5 percent per year, with the aim of reaching an average of 34.1 mpg for the industry for the 2016 model.

Consumers might pay attention. It’s more likely they are sick of paying 25 gallons every three days to keep an SUV that is not fully loaded. Look at some used car parking lots. See there is a small car? Here in the Fresno / San Joaquin Valley area, I see many nice Chevy suburbs for decent prices.

Small car sales increase

August 2012 showed increased sales for smaller cars and trucks with domestic producers posting double-digit increases compared to the same period the previous year. Seeing the analysis carried out by the Washington Post shows the benefits for Ford with the redesigned Escape, Chrysler might have a hit with the Dart being raised (good friend and motorhead Scott Selph buying one in Oklahoma City) and Chevy doing well with various crossover.

Volkswagen’s sales increased 62.5 percent, mostly behind the new Passat but I wondered about the redesigned bug. Toyota also saw a big swing up with a rise of 40.2 percent.

Interesting. Maybe the fuel consumption will really go down. Of course this new vehicle will make a difference, clean the air by spewing far less pollution.

But overall, don’t expect a lot of changes in the overall direction of fuel use. Vintage car enthusiasts will continue to pursue their hobbies, keeping a significant sector of craftsmen and women in business and a group of happy people in their garage. Of course, this old car crew will continue to be a pretty vocal supporter of maintaining gasoline supplies.

And hopefully, I will get a bug back on the road. My child is 15 and thinks it’s the coolest rig on the road. He has good taste.

Mike Nemeth has worked in clean energy for the past few years. He also spent 24 years working as a newspaper editor and reporting from Alaska to California.


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