Used Toyota 4X4 Pickup Trucks For Sale, Anticipating the modern Gladiator’s debut

Used Toyota 4X4 Pickup Trucks,Used Toyota 4x4 Pickup Trucks For Sale


Used Toyota 4X4 Pickup Trucks For Sale – Recently it has been confirmed that Jeep will unveil a pickup truck version of JL Wrangler at 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show. Called Gladiator, according to leaked documents, it will be Jeep’s first pickup truck since 1992. And, needless to say, fans have been clamoring for Jeep with beds since the Cherokee-based Comanche was stopped.

The name Gladiator will also make a comeback after no less than 47 years, but Jeep made more than two pickups throughout its history. It really made six of them, and even though they were built under different ownership and names, they were all icons in their own rights. With Jeep’s first truck in more than two decades, we decided that this was the right time to look at the company’s history as a pickup manufacturer.

Used Toyota 4X4 Pickup Trucks For Sale

Although not launching its first civilian vehicles until 1945, the iconic military Jeep began production in 1941. The civilian version that followed was even more successful, and Willys-Overland began diversifying its lineup in the first years of the CJ Jeep on the market. . The first pickup truck arrived in 1947.


Jeep built nearly 500,000 CJ ​​models from 1945 to 1968, of which around 200,000 trucks
Introduced during the CJ-2A update, 4×4 trucks remained produced for 18 years, until 1965, also surviving through the CJ-3 version of the Jeep. Built on the same foundation as an ordinary off-roader, Truck also features a 2.2-liter “Go Devil” four-cylinder engine that became famous during World War II. The mill was then ignited until 1953, when it was replaced by a “Hurricane” engine that was stronger with a similar displacement. In 1953 Jeep also added an optional four-speed manual in addition to the existing Borg-Warner three-speed gearbox.

4×4 trucks ended in 1968 when Jeep stopped production of CJ-3B in the US Although the vehicle was licensed to other car makers who continued to build it for decades, CJ-3 was replaced by CJ-5, which had been produced since 1954. Jeep built nearly 500,000 models CJ-2 and CJ-3 from 1945 to 1968, where around 200,000 trucks. However, this number includes all utility versions, such as pickup trucks, platform trucks, and chassis cabins.


Short for Forward Control, FC has a cabin-over-engine design that distinguishes it from 4×4 trucks
In 1956, nine years into the production of 4×4 Trucks, Willys introduced the Jeep FC. Short for Advanced Control, FC has a cabin-over-engine design that distinguishes it from 4×4 Trucks, which use a special car layout with a cabin behind the drivetrain. FC is the right truck, but it’s compact and has a short wheelbase, which makes it capable of being off-road.

Designed by Brooks Stevens, who also wrote the Jeep Wagoneer, Studebaker Hawk, and several Harley-Davidson motorcycles, it featured the vertical slat icon Willy, often painted white to contrast strikingly with the rest of the cabin. While FC, which is equipped with pickup boxes, is the most popular, Willys also offers simple flatbeds which are eventually converted into tow trucks, dumps and fire engines.

History of the Long and Famous Pickup Truck

FC is not as popular as CJ, with only 30,000 units produced in nine years
Built until 1965, FC is offered in various sizes. While the FC-150 has a short 81-inch wheelbase and a 78-inch cargo box, a longer variant was introduced in the late 1950s. The longest version, the FC-190, features a 150-inch wheelbase and a 202-inch box.

FC is launched with the 2.2-liter Hurricane engine which is also found in 4×4 Trucks, but Willys also offers 3.7 inline-six liters for FC-170 and FC-180, and 4.5-liter V-8 for larger FC-170 190. Transmission options include a three- and four-speed manual from the CJ model, as well as the Cruise-O-Matic three-speed automatic gearbox for the larger FC.

FC is not as popular as CJ, with only 30,000 units produced in nine years. However, FC became very popular in Asia, where Mahindra was still producing trucks and minibuses that maintained the original grid.

History of the Long and Famous Pickup Truck

Based on Wagoneer, Gladiators were initially offered in a short or long wheelbase version
In 1962, a year before becoming Kaiser-Jeep, Willys Motors introduced its third pickup truck, the Gladiator. Based on Wagoneer, the vehicle used by Jeep to create the phrase “sport utility vehicle” (SUV), Gladiator was initially offered in a short and long wheelbase version and with a variety of load bed options.

Jeep offers trucks with rear wheels or four-wheel drive. The latter comes with an innovative independent front suspension option with the Dana 44 center section. However, the setup proved troublesome compared to a solid standard shaft, and the option was removed in 1965.

The 3.8 liter engine, the Tornado inline-six also marks the prime minister, because it is the first production overhead cam engine to be installed in American light trucks. It was rated at 140 horsepower. Optional automatic transmission for the 4WD version is also the first industry, such as power brakes and power steering. Needless to say, the Gladiator was one of the innovative trucks in the 1960s.

History of the Long and Famous Pickup Truck

Because AMC bought the Kaiser-Jeep operation in 1970, the name Gladiator was dropped for the J-Series
In the 1970s, Jeep replaced the six straight standard with the same unit from American Motors and also added a 5.4-liter V-8 option with 250 horsepower. The 5.7-liter V-8 made at 230 horses was added in 1968.

When AMC bought the Kaiser-Jeep operation in 1970, the name Gladiator was dropped after 1971. This truck was known as the Jeep Pickup or J-Series. AMC overhauled the engine range, offering 4.2 inline 4.2 with 112 horsepower as a standard from 1972 to 1988. Some V-8 options were offered until production ended in 1988, including 5.9 liters V-8 with up to 195 horsepower and 295 pound-feet and 6.6 liters V-8 with 225 horses and 320 pound-feet.

In 1983, AMC added a new full-time four-wheel-drive system. When Chrysler bought AMC in 1987, he decided to stop the J-Series. After receiving small changes in the 26 years on the market, the Jeep Pickup was not only dated, but also competed with the Chrysler Dodge truck. The Gladiator / J-Series remains the longest running Jeep pickup truck.

History of the Long and Famous Pickup Truck

The Jeepster name was actually a revival of the nameplate used by Willys-Overland from 1948 to 1950
With the Jeep 4×4 Truck and FC Series discontinued in 1965, Kaiser-Jeep launched a replacement for 1965. It was more a substitute for 4×4 trucks, because it was compact and shared most of the front end design with CJ. It also has a two-door conversion layout, with an option for hard-top that also covers the bed, giving the vehicle a hatchback design.

The Jeepster name is actually a revival of the nameplate used by Willys-Overland from 1948 to 1950 for a two-door convertible based on CJ. This time though, the Jeepster Commando was conceived as a competitor for popular small SUVs such as the Toyota Land Cruiser, Ford Bronco, and International Scout.

History of the Long and Famous Pickup Truck

AMC dropped the name Jeepster in 1971, selling SUVs as a Jeep Commando
Like most small Jeepsters of that era, the Jeepster features Hurricane, a 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine, a direct descendant of the iconic Go Devil unit of World War II. It was rated at 75 horsepower and 114 pound-feet. Kaiser also offers a choice of 3.7 liters of V-6 with 160 horses and 235 pound-feet, which are liked by customers thanks to better performance.

The Jeepster became increasingly popular after AMC bought Kaiser in 1970, but the new holding company redesigned it in 1971. The original version of the C101 was replaced by C104, which has a longer wheelbase and a new front end with wider grille and integrated fenders. This change was made so that AMC could offer a larger 4.2-liter inline-six and 5.0-liter V-8 engine so that the vehicle will continue to compete with the Ford Bronco. AMC also dropped the name Jeepster, selling SUVs as a Jeep Commando.

Redesign was not very popular with customers, and the AMC stopped Commando in 1973 because of slow sales. About 67,500 units were built in seven years.

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