Vac Truck Rental, Vac Truck for Sump Pump Maintenance


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Vac Truck Rental – Is that a vacuum truck? Before we begin discussing the treatment of sump pumps, we must take the time to understand what vacuum trucks are and also some of their functions. Simply put, it is a large truck with a tank and heavy duty vacuum.

These trucks are designed to load solids, liquids, sludge, or pneumatic mud through suction lines that are typically between 2 and 4 inches in diameter. Usually, they are used by local authorities for cleaning roads and gutters, but they are also common for the maintenance of septic tanks.

Vac Truck Rental

How Do These Trucks Work?

These trucks feature twin or three fans that create high air pressure and force air through the inlet nozzle and truck hose. Air then generally moves through a number of rooms, including a storage tank, and then through a filter system and to the surrounding area. The air flow therefore draws liquid and solid into the intake nozzle and into the engine where it is finally stored in the main storage tank.

There are two types of vacuum pump systems used in vacuum trucks: liquid rings and rotary vanes. Depending on the cleaning work needed, each of these systems offers different benefits. Liquid ring vacuum trucks are oil free and not noisy and are becoming increasingly popular. Or, rotary vane trucks are more common and effective but harder and can emit more smoke.

Maintenance of Sump Pump

Individuals who use sump pumps are often overwhelmed by the extra time and attention this equipment requires for maintenance. Also, because maintenance of these pumps is usually left to professionals, homeowners can tell you that many techniques for cleaning and maintaining a pump are not effective. However, the manufacturer recommends that this pump be run and tested at least every quarter, and cleaning especially before the rainy season begins. Fortunately, these trucks can help reduce the dirty work associated with maintenance of the sump pump.

Honestly, who wants to clean and maintain the sump pump manually? Professional pipeline companies will often offer a variety of vacuum truck services that include maintenance of sump and drain for commercial, industrial and residential properties. Whether you need help with bay washing, acid storage, caustic tanks, or even transportation and disposal of hazardous and industrial waste, vacation trucks may be the right solution.

There are several commercial, industrial, and residential uses for these trucks. If you are considering alternatives to maintenance of a sump pump, you should consider a vacuum truck. They reduce the time and effort needed for cleaning, and they can help extend the life of your sump pump. Plus, by submitting this work to professionals, you can ensure that your sump pump is properly and properly cared for.

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