Spare Tire Holder For Truck, The Hurricane of The Trucking Industry

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Spare Tire Holder For Truck – This year is getting worse for operators, and operators of independent owners. Earlier this year in the first quarter demand for trucks was higher than your usual first quarter type and goods were paid quite well.

Everyone in the industry adds their trucks and the fleet is excited for the harvest season to start. The production season comes and goes very quickly in the GA and FL area. Laredo, TX and the surrounding area are also no better. California has almost no production season at all.

Spare Tire Holder For Truck

July is coming, and July is usually July. The best time for a vacation. Most expectations rose for the beginning of September, until the end of the year. Of course trucks will be in demand. So many vacations in one corner after another, especially with kicking schools, and of course Christmas.

Here we are at the end of October and only gets worse. Low demand for trucks. Most of the burden of paying cheap, and somehow there are carriers who choose beans and move these items.

Large fleets such as Fast Transportation, have seen a large decline in their profits, demand for trucks, and their stock has fallen dramatically. They are not the only ones. The majority of the mega fleet do not want to admit their losses. Imagine the panic that can cause their customers, and staff members. Not to mention investors.

Small people who work on load boards are also dramatically affected. They leave with 90% of the transport of waste they have to dispose of to cover their overhead costs.

This not only affects operators, it also affects manafacturing companies such as Cummins as well, and other truck makers.

Over the years hundreds of owner operators and small operators have tried to give reasons why these items are so cheap.

This is a reason that is widely claimed:

– The price of fuel falls, so transportation costs are cheaper. Because the price of fuel has dropped, and transportation costs are cheaper, why are the products we carry cheaper? The tariff must be the same, but Fuel Costs must be lower.

– The port of California is closed, and California is drought.

Yes, this does affect the market, but it shouldn’t affect this much. If that really has a big impact, won’t government agencies interfere because of this kind of impact – it will cause great pressure in the economy.

– Brokers pocket all money.

My opinion: Of course, there are brokers who have taken as much profit as they can. However, this broker has been doing this for decades. There are many large brokers in the spot market, and they face difficult times too.

So what’s the problem today in the trucking industry?

Lack of driver! There is no shortage of drivers at this time. There will be a shortage of drivers in the future. The entire shortage of drivers kicked when 2012 to 2015 shipments demanded more trucks. Companies continue to buy more trucks and want to fill the truck so they can collect more money. There is no shortage of drivers.

The problem is that all systems in the US have never really recovered since 2007-2008. It has been running with steroids like oil booms. After 2007-2008 the equipment was very cheap and many operators went bankrupt. When demand for trucks increases, so does the price for all other things, especially trucks and trailers.

Most transport fares remain the same, and most driver salaries remain the same, but costs for all others have gone up.

This is a cycle that corrects itself every 8-10 years. But through this cycle many people are left without a roof. This is your pencil anesthesia that is thirsty for money. Hate to call that person, but that’s a fact. And of course the uneducated steering wheel holders thought they were owner operators.

Nobody really knows why there is low shipping, and low pay shipping.

But this is my prediction of what will happen.

Many operators will file for bankruptcy. They will close the door because operating the fleet will not be profitable anymore. Why risk everything for nuts? After the operator closes, many drivers will look for other driving jobs.

Operators who have not been closed will reduce their capacity, due to overhead costs, and will not be able to hire all homeless drivers.

Once the truck’s capacity is getting tighter, a good broker and a good operator must remain united. Customers must maintain it because they will be needed. Trucks will be sold at cheap prices, compared to now. Once oil is low again, prices will soar and so will the rates, and so does the work. The US will find ways to get more fuel, and create more jobs, and we will use steroids again.

There are improvements to the economic crisis. This improvement resulted in several years, new laws, regulations, and many others. Rich people and rich people will not want that, but at the same time having all the money in the world is meaningless when no one has money, and learns how to live without it. Therefore “world leaders” will find another retort for the system to exhale in the lungs from what we call life today. The majority of the people don’t even know what will happen to them until they punch them at night.

Again many people have to tell their wife “Honey, we need a new roof” … when they swallow their saliva, to save hydration, and finish “because this one will disappear”. Storm Transport Industry …

I’m definitely not a professional writer. I want to share my opinion. Please leave your own opinions and do professional conversations!

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