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Rescue Bots Fire Truck – Children all over the world are very enthusiastic about the time to play with this cute and friendly fire truck. Customers have agreed that the Little Tikes Fire and Rescue Truck grabs your junior firefighter’s imagination and directs it in an interesting direction.

Finding and delivering innovative products to customers, Little Tikes toys are known for providing toys that are strong, imaginative and active. Your little hero will safely react to the real emergency response to the fire engine Little Tikes

Rescue Bots Fire Truck

Customers proudly like to be made in America. With new and extensive toy security concerns, you can ensure that U.S. toys made according to strict standards. What better economy to support than America.

It is easy to remove the green water tank that attaches firmly behind the Little Tikes fire extinguisher. Filling the tank with water is easy, such as pumping the lever to stimulate pressure rather than being pressed by the little button and the hose spraying water. Saving the day has never been more refreshing.

Don’t have to fight with any door giving them quick and safe entry to their fire truck for hot pursuit. They can enter or exit safely, without closing the door.

The retro-smiling face is revived and gives personality. Children admire friendly, friendly faces. Your firefighter in training will return a smile again. Bright color and white detailed design makes it come back to life, leaving their imagination blowing like the wind.

Lighted by their own feet, your little hero will be on their way to rescue in the Small Fire Truck. The power of the foot-to-floor run allows even the smallest heroes to enjoy the sensation of wandering.

With a pressurized water tank and hose, the Small Fire Truck really sprayed water. The fire hose is a feature that gives a new level to play, this provides ideal cooling, and the desire of children to play water without clutter.

Assembly is required for Little Tikes firefighters, but customers are happy with how easy it is to assemble. Too eager to be patient, children are immediately satisfied with the easy assembly of fire trucks.

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