Pickup Truck Winch, Building a Truck Mounted Robotic Fishing System Considered

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PICKUP TRUCK WINCH – Image via www.pickup-parts.com

Pickup Truck Winch – Is it possible to build a Truck Mounted Robotic fishing system? In other words, a system where you can take your pickup truck to the beach, and your robot fishing equipment will fire a rope out into the sea. Then you can sit behind your pickup truck, drink cold, and watch the robotic system catch fish, put it in, and all work will be done. Is this possible? Actually I think so, and a few days ago we discussed this in our think tank which operates online.

You see for picking up a pickup truck that will have a winch with gears on the hydraulic slider, so when the fish pulls it won’t burn your winch (I think the Great White Shark here follows), the slider will feel an increase in drag on the line and start moving backwards on the slider while the winch clutch shifts it to the lower gear. Then when there is no pulling the device can go back and the winch can go to a higher speed? So this is my thinking here.

Pickup Truck Winch

Consider sport fishing now, when shaken with big fish – you have to pull the pole using a lever because you can’t rotate the windings while the 200 lb. muscle pulls in another way with everything you get? In the description above, your hydraulic slider will act in the same way as a sports fisherman pulling a pole.

Well, you can shoot the fish, or have a nuisance to scare the fish, just like killer whales do when they hunt, and this can reduce resistance and that will make it very easy to pull back, so a much smaller winch without the power requirements very large. Especially considering that your system will become electric, with a stack of batteries and fill your truck alternator all week long as you drive, so the power of a pickup truck to charge the battery to create power for your winch system needs to be strong, and you don’t want to overuse it. catch the big one.

Come on, fishing soon! Indeed, I hope you will consider this, and think about this new invention, innovation and concept. Maybe you might want to help me better engineer a perfect robot truck fishing system. Think about it and shoot me an e-mail.

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