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Food Trucks For Sale In Nashville Tn,Mobile Food Trucks For Sale Nashville Tn


Food Trucks For Sale In Nashville Tn – As an entrepreneur, you can learn a lot by following real-life case studies from other entrepreneurs. Often the textbooks in the school leave the initial details and interesting parts of how everything comes together and are made of nothing but the mind. I have an interesting case study for you and that explains how my company goes into the truck breakdown business. This is a funny story.

We have franchise owners in Colorado who have contracts to wash for some Used Truck Dealers and clean all trucks for sale. He has one of our Fleet Truck Wash Franchises; Truck sales companies offer us jobs to detailed trucks because the detailers cannot meet the volume. The transport and sale of used trucks in 98 rose 22% and rose 23% at 99.

Food Trucks For Sale In Nashville Tn

Companies serving these companies had labor problems, which we already knew. In this market we have to compete like a barracuda for a good workforce. We take business offered and can immediately improve quality and handle their overflowing. We immediately detailed and washed everything. A similar story has taken place in Nashville, and OH with our tuck washing service that has developed in these markets. We started a full-service repair center that charged $ 1,000.00 for removing identification, redeeming and detailing semi-trailers and we started detailing trucks worth $ 500.00 each. Soon we have 2-3 per day and trailers too. The first month of business generates $ 23,000.00 in Truck Detail Shop. The same thing the second month.

Then we had to think about ways to maintain margins by washing the traveling trucks, without shops, without rent, without buildings. But our margin is below 30%. It’s really frustrating and trying to turn labor into commissions instead of salary or help every hour, but it’s not good enough. Our franchisees bring Shop Manager Details in other areas for 8 years and we get up to 35%. We did not have time to perfect our prototype before several national companies asked us to do all their offices. So we started another office before our prototype was perfected.

This is a good business, but we are not satisfied and we must continue to progress until we improve it. Our customers push us forward and we need a franchise just to follow a new business. We need to work on this business not ready. So we will offer it to current team members who understand that and hopefully we can make it work. Meanwhile there is a lot of work out there and we don’t want to miss a part of it. At OH we detailed ALL trucks for Penske Challenge 2000. They asked us by name. We were ready in January 2001 to do this franchise and launch the First Truck Detailing franchise ever created. Our biggest problem at that time was that there was no way to find out what this business would do in various fields, because of differences in labor, prices prevailing in that market, and Mandiri competition. We only know there is work for our team. We will not sell franchises until we are sure that it is good business. Every trucking company, independent truck driver, trailer rental company will be our customer. Paint frame, paint tank, buff, candle, interior
truck details. We have to please our customers so we start this company. That is a challenge for us; we are working on this.

Sometimes trials and tribulations along the way, which make victory so sweet when achieved. For our team it’s about winning. But in a franchise, everyone must win. So far in this potential franchise system, Winning Customers, won by using this service as an opportunity to strengthen our market dominance in the trucking industry. Now all we have to do is make sure the franchisee can win. If and when we do that, we will be ready to do it.

This is a very good thing that we didn’t franchise in 2001, because the used truck market was shattered and we dropped to 1-2 details per used truck dealer in Denver per week. There were no weeks, so we closed the shop. Trucks come back at high speed but with high fuel prices, used trucks are not as hot as new ones. One thing that this case study shows is that even if you have a strong world, you still have to deal with reality and be ready for the market sector to fall. We are smart to wait and fortunately we do. In a franchise that has 10 or 12 franchisees, everything is out there and has a market change, you can end up with lawsuits and a failed franchisee.

Examples of recent market changes are some fast food type franchises with fatty foods when everyone switches to a low carbohydrate diet. Krispy Kreme became cream, deli Schlotski filed for bankruptcy and all fast food franchises were hit for several quarters when the Atkins Diet books and the South Beach Diet rocked the best-selling list.

I don’t care how smart you are, what degree of business you have or where your family name comes from. You must pay attention to the market sector, economic factors and most importantly, pay attention to the details; even in business detailing. Think about this. I hope you enjoy real life case studies today.

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