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Bkt Monster Truck Tires – If you have used conventional tires for trucks that are jacked up and find it difficult to pull tractors and mud swamps using trucks, then maybe you should look at the option to switch to special and extra large tires and wheels. This tire is now available on the market thanks to the encouragement of Monster truck fans as well as the agricultural vehicle industry.

Unlike many people believe that the horsepower of the engine and the ground clearance that you can achieve with the truck that is boosted up lies in its effectiveness, the fact remains that it is the most important and makes it an effective utility. This is not known to many people.

Bkt Monster Truck Tires

What we recommend for trucks to boost you to get the best performance is by trying out Caterpillar D12 bulldozer tires. This 1,000 pound tire can produce power like a monster. You might need to adjust the truck a little so you can load it.

It’s not easy for you to find a modified D12 tire. Most owners buy original aftermarket tires and modify them as needed. Even though they start from 1,000 pounds after their modification it drops to around 800 to 850 pounds.

There are special retreading machine shops that have the machines needed to modify D12 size tires. It does require expertise to be able to reduce the size of the tire to suit the needs of your truck. This can take a long time because the process must be slow and carried out carefully. Previously there was a mechanic used to do this process manually until the machine replaced the retreading process.

One more thing you need to remember is buying tires from proven and well-known companies. The best thing is that you use Goodyear or Firestone tires that are proven in this segment. You must be able to get tires under 1800 dollars.

Before you plan to get a truck that is jacked equipped with rearranged D 12 tires, it is important for you to understand technically and functionally what you are trying to do. Talk to those who have completed this work before and see how they found it and then decided to continue the project.

This project is more complicated than you think, because not only are the tires rearranged to fit the truck, but the truck also has to undergo a number of adjustments in terms of the 4-link suspension and special chassis and body to fit this tire. So, you will need some expert guidance for this project.

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